It’s Here! Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
April 14, 2017

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  • So, if we pre-ordered, when will we see the digital download?

    • Yes! When you get your shipping email notification there will be a coupon code to redeem a digital download.

      • Thank you. Will look for it.

  • So much work happening! Love it all. Love the book cover too!

  • Got my shipping notification via email this morning! Looking forward to getting my copy in my hot little hands!

  • Gorgeous, all of it!

  • Very minor whine about the site … every time I come to read an entry, I get the pop-up that urges me to “Keep Caffeinated!” by joining the mailing list. But I’m already ON the mailing list — that’s why I get notifications of new entries. Any way to avoid that annoying nuisance?

  • I can’t remember if I pre-ordered!! I guess if I don’t get an email to download the digital version, I didn’t. 🙂

  • I’m grooving on that shawl…delicious!

  • Waaaah! Well, start with YAY! My copy arrived today. And yummers! Everything looks lovely and knit-table.
    BUT. From the download code, I cannot distinguish between a small (regular) letter “o” and a “zero” or— possibly a capital letter “o”. Nothing (none of those choices) seems to work so that I can download my digital copy. So, Waaaah!