A Visit With Véronik Avery

February 15, 2017

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  • Now that I’m done with the Hadley I’ll be working on up some other WIPs, with an eye towards the sweaters above.

  • Hey Kay –
    Just watched a live stream of Michael Kors fashion show – my daughter was one of the violinists – and found the perfect answer for dreaded second-sleeve syndrome: wear a sweater with just one sleeve!
    Now, why didn’t we think of that!
    We could have a new knittters’ mantra : “One and done!”

    ( and thanks to your featuring Veronica Avery’s Wake, my to-knit list has grown longer!)

  • I’m 12.5 inches in to the body & 1 cuff down & about to start color on the Hadley while I’m eyeing the wake sweater. The symetric asymmetry of the whole fashion is making me have way more confidence in my knitting than I have skill…

  • Not working on the Hadley, yet, but I totally relate to the need of wearing a sweater in a colder climate. Nice to hear more about a fellow Canadian, and a talented one at that!

  • Veronik — I miss Nordique!!!

  • The designs are beautiful and she is a favorite.
    How ironic that she named her daughter Hadley. That is also the name of my daughter born in 1983.

  • Love the visit with Veronik Avery very interesting. The sweaters and yarn are awesome.