Bang Out a Hadley Knitalong: The Sleevening

By Kay Gardiner
February 9, 2017

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  • Don’t give in to the slief, Kay! Mooooaaaaarrrrr knitting! You can do it!

  • I’m working on a different yoked sweater (a Riddari cardigan), and I joined the sleeves for the yoke, only to discover that, lo and behold, my sleeves have different numbers of stitches, thus throwing off the stitch count for the yoke. So the sweater languishes while I finish a blanket and try to figure out how to fix the sleeves.

  • I think the unintended little “face” looks charming, much like some of the faces painted into ivy and acanthus borders in medieval manuscripts!

  • There is a simple prevention for slief and for Kerry’s problem. It’s called two sleeves on two circulars. No more SSS (second sleeve syndrome) and two beautifully identical sleeves, ready to attach to the body.

    You’ll never go back to the old way!

  • I always forget I’m the boss.

  • I’m not going to lie. I am relieved that I am not the only person that saw a flock with the pattern on the sleeves. As you know for my whining on several different platforms it was making me crazy. The differences you got a cute little face with your pattern and I got a blank spot. So I’m still not sure what I didn’t do right. However, my little mine doesn’t do random well so I tried everything and went to a size that was neatly divisible

    • Well, that comment posted before I could review it and or finish it. Now it won’t let me edit . At any rate, I did frog everything and start over in a size divisible by 12. I increased according to pattern, and then kept going, and by the time the sleeve was over, I was two stitches shy of the required amount. I’m okay with that as I can fix that in the decreases. While I am okay with my decision and I’m happy with this symmetry of the sleeve , I do wish that I could figure out what I did wrong in the size called for . I tried it a few different ways and could not figure it out and that is maddening. However, the dreams (nightmares) about sleeves did fade last night as I had already finished My first sleeve in the other size. I already have a cuff going in my second sleeve so I’m not too worried about the island but thanks for the warning!

  • The Sleevening – sounds like an epic Nordic Noir

  • To stay out of Slief Slough … knit the sleeve(s) first, TAAT, if possible. (The first six inches of a sleeve is also an excellent swatch!)

    • I’ve just knit a little bit of a sleeve as a swatch, worked a treat! Got gauge as well which was great. I’m going to use Maniatoto Wools DK, so lofty and airy (will make for a nice, snuggly knit).

  • My sweater is looking so good!

  • Kay, I love it: “an enthusiastic collection of First Socks”.

    You may have started a whole new movement, the unashamedly donning of the missed matched pair of hand knit socks! It could be the wild pairing of two totally different colorways. It could be similar colorways, so that the socks match, but not really. Oh, and FSK (First Sock Knitters) all over could swap their unused leftover skeins so that they could knit more First Socks to add to their collection! Even diehard two at a time, toe up sock knitters could pair up and exchange one sock to achieve a mismatched pair for each knitter. Such fun! Such possibility! We could knit stocking caps to further the awareness of only knitting First Socks. Who’s in?

    • Me! I’m terrified of SSS, and socks in general but love the idea of knitting them. But alas, my mind creeps back to the fingerless mitt lanquishing in my knit WIP bag, waiting forever waiting for her mate to arrive….

    • This sounds so hygge!

  • “Some enchanted sleevening, you may knit a sweater?”

    • This lovely earworm wins the internets for me today.
      Thank you. 🙂

  • Yes, indeed, I am the boss of my own knitting. 🙂 Thank you for the reminder.

  • is this what the designer intended? I think a note to that effect would save people a lot of time, thinking that they must have done something wrong.

    Of course, even if it was intended, we do get to chose what we create with our knitting. 🙂

  • “Face up to it”….such a conversation element!

  • I nearly always START with the sleeves of a sweater the work them 2-at-a-time. The project is still new enough to not be boring and I get the benefit of a bigger gauge swatch. No sweater island for me.

  • “The solution, as ever, is: keep knitting.” you’re soaring tp Zimmermann heights, Kaye! I think I’m going to work that quote into my next Pussyhat.

  • This was so helpful, Kay. I was stymied by the sleeve chart for my size (42) and started getting myself in a tizzy. Thank you for talking me down off the ledge!

  • Kay, is that a 9 in or 12 in Circe you are using for your sleeve?