The Self-Care Menu

February 1, 2017

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  • Max, I really enjoy your perspective on things! I never really do this type of exercise, but I am printing your worksheet as we speak. Thanks for thinking so deeply about us gals!

  • LOVE the menu! Thank you. Also love the idea of podcasts while exercising, especially since my knees have been screaming at me since the Women’s March and I realize I need to act on self-care in that particular legular region of my body. I have been subscribing to podcasts right and left, due in no small part to MDK, but haven’t been listening as often as I like. Taking them to the exercise mat will help, I hope.

  • So much food for thought in this article!

  • Love this! All these things you are describing, I felt you were talking about me. It seems that many of us ladies feel that we hold the whole world up by ourselves, silently. Thank you for such an insightful article with some very helpful suggestions.

  • Thank you for this: “I don’t have to take any action, not now, not later, but admitting to myself how I really feel about something, telling myself the truth so I don’t have split part of myself off and send her to the corner with a gag order, no pressure to do anything about it, just staying with myself: that is the ultimate act of self-care, and I hope I’ll always have the resources for it.”
    When I’m really busy playing my part in this life and doing what it takes, I pretend that I’m ok with things I’m not really ok with. Not big or damaging things, just little things. I needed the reminder that I can admit to myself that I have other priorities and preferences than those being foisted upon me, and that by doing so, I honor myself. Thank you.

  • Thank you for this! Just going to bed immediately after the rest of the household is huge self care for me.

  • How true are you! Thank you for your thoughts and so very practical. Also thank you for your sense of humour!