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  • Conformation, not confirmation.

    • I should have sic’d that!

      • Thank you ladies! As a dog person, that was going to drive me nuts. 🙂

  • “Wendy Johnson speed” — LOL!!! And I am a big fan of steaming as I go!

    • I really only did it for the photo, but honestly it is so reassuring to see that my floats are good. They look so loopy when they are on the needles, without the steaming. Trust and verify!

  • Kay, your report of the *** satisfaction in knitting this cowl is palpable. I could actually feel how satisfying a knit this is while reading your letter. I like the idea of the French knots, and appreciated your clever comment “That’s show business!”, which made me laugh out loud. Glad I got the Field Guide #2; there’s a fair isle in my future! ****♡

    • I recommend starting with the Asterisk chart, either as hat or cowl. It’s so predictable. I want to try it in much bigger wool as a baby blanket. So cheery!

      • Wow! Great idea!

  • French Knots! Love them, and they’re a great way to use the little bits of leftovers in glorious colors…

    • Eek! French knots! I used to do a lot of counted cross stitch, and I was very good at it – I loved teeny tiny stitches just like I love teeny tiny needles now — but french knots were the bane of my cross stitch existence. I’m not sure I want to introduce them into my knitting.

  • Kay – (from one who hasn’t done Fair Isle before) – what about using yarn bowls? Help or hurt?

    • I think the main thing is to not cross the yarns when you put the project down for a minute. If you are using the two-handed technique, the yarns stay separate. A bowl would be handy to keep them from rolling across the floor, but not really necessary.

  • Bonus to this lovely hat: the Kurt Vonnegut reference. Works for me!

  • Although I have made a Fair Isle before I have not used the two handed technique. The video was very clear and helpful. Thank you!

  • I like the wrong side of this, too. (I’m weird that way. ;-))

  • Kay, my dear I have learned a great ,any things from your posts, knitting tricks, great sites to visit. But today you created a monster because until today I was blissfully unaware of 2048. And now, even though I still don’t really understand it, I think it may be time to sell my stash because I can not stop playing this thing! I have long been quite adept at procrastination but this…. it’s worse than when I had to take Tetris off my computer during law school. Also on this first day of addiction, I’ve lost my voice from a cold so I can’t even pack up for Knitty City to escape. I fear what will happen once I really understand how this game works.

    • Marilyn, I am SO SO SO SO sorry! 2048 is the bane of my existence. My kids tell me, “Mom nobody is playing 2048 anymore except you.” But it does shut everything out and sometimes you need to do that!

  • So true that “sometimes you have to bring the calm to the knitting” and that describes the situation I’ve been struggling with lately. Maybe now that there are words for it, I’ll be able to fix it! Thanks!
    And whoa, 2048…did you know there’s a cupcake version? A puppy version? A Doctor Who version? Well, you do now. You’re welcome!