Picking Colors: My Very Unscientific Process

January 20, 2017

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  • So very talented!!

  • Fascinating! I’m really surprised you don’t start with the yarn and the colors available in whatever line you want to use. Though maybe you have access to colors yarn brands haven’t released yet. How does the color choice decision interact with the yarn decision? I’d love to see a follow-up post on that.

    • That is a good point. I often find that many yarns are skimpy in range-greens for example. For colorwork, other than lopi, I find the color range very narrow. Do you recommend mixing yarns? Thank you!

    • I second your request.

    • Danielle, We don’t know what yarns we are going to use until later in the process. When I pick the palette, I like to feel really free to let my creativity wander. For a brief, shining moment, it’s a color utopia. The challenge of reality comes later.

  • I found this really useful. I’ve never been very good at combining colours and am often paralyzed with indecision when I need to make a choice. (This is the reason that Hansel hap has been in my queue for ages. I can’t decide on the colours.) Although I agree that it can be challenging to find the colours you want I think using Pinterest, which I don’t like all that much, as a starting point would be a great idea for me. Thanks for sharing this process.

    • There are so many great color combos for Hansel in the projects on Ravelry. I’d be happy copying quite a few of them! When choosing my own colorway, I had the recipient’s request for blue and gold as a starting point, and chose the other colors (taupe, pale gray, and nearly white) with the goal of contrasting with the blue and gold in the border. That’s why they are either duller or paler than the blue and gold. I think the most successful Hansels have a good contrast in the border colors.

      That’s it for unsolicited advice! Melanie’s method is great and would lead to much more originality I’m sure.

  • What an interesting and creative way to select color! I found the egg photo fascinating! I clicked on it and now know way more than I ever knew possible about chickens and egg color!

  • Love this approach! Are you familiar with the woodcuts of Cressida Campbell–I always want every single color she uses 🙂

  • Thanks for the explanations and a chance to see your color inspirations. I love the subtleties of those shades, being thoroughly tired of the crayon like and way-too-vivid colors in use nowadays, in yarn as in much else.
    My eye likes to linger on things that change color with the changing light, as these do.

  • I have always kept a cork board for anything I want to save. I love the idea of posting the paint chip samples ! Thanks so much