Hansel Hap Has Happened

By Kay Gardiner
January 12, 2017

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  • It’s totally gorgeous. But would you please explain to me *what* a prayer shawl is? I’ve heard about them so often, but really don’t understand.

    • From what I understand, prayer shawls are shawls you make specifically for someone who needs prayers said for them. A prayer shawl is just a regular shawl for someone who needs a piece of fabric with a blessing in every stitch, or maybe love; or just peace, or calm, or healing perhaps. It’s like performing a mitzvah to knit one, since you get to be connected to a larger power while giving of yourself.

  • So apropos. This very pattern has, for other reasons, been fresh on my mind, again, after lo so many years of admiring it. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • I knit two Hansels, for dear friends who were having twins. These smart babies (toddlers now) looooooove their fancy blankies, thus guaranteeing them a lifetime of knitted gifts from Auntie Michaela.

  • Book: Knitting Into the Mystery
    Website: Prayer Shawl Ministry

    • This was a reply to Eugenia’s question, but I somehow misplaced it when making the reply.

      • Thank you, Diane.

  • I love your Hansel!

  • Absolutely beautiful. !!!
    Btw. I LOVE when I get that bat signal myself. I’ve answered the call many times..most often for breast cancer patients. It is the most rewarding project ever.
    Your sense of humorous writing is equal to your knitting talents. I love you

  • It’s so beautiful! More great inspiration and favorite-ing!

  • Gorgeous!

  • Beautiful, and how snuggly, cuddly cozy it looks!

  • The Bat Signal has great power! So much more than non-knitters realize, and so much more love goes into those items that are specifically requested!
    Your Hansel is beautiful!! I’ll be starting one in the next week or two and am so excited!!

  • What a blessing this will be.

  • The shawl is lovely, and a wonderful response to the Bat Signal.

    Any chance you’ll post it on Ravelry? I’d love to be able to see how many skeins and your notes there so I can add to favorites. Makes it so easy to find when I do knit this. Love the idea of the Hadley colors.

  • It is absolutely stunning and I really love the colours. I’ve had Hansel on my To Knit List forever. And one of the things that flummoxes me about it is the need to choose multiple colours that look good together, which is something that stymies me a lot. But looking at your gorgeous shawl I realize that I’ve got some Loft in my stash (maybe even the same colour–Almanac?) and it would look great as the main colour for Hansel.

    • I’ve decided to do one variegated skein for my colors. Allows me to use stash and solves the problem of picking multiple contrasting colors. Fingers crossed that I like it in the end!!!

  • It’s exquisite. You have such a fine color sense Kay.

  • That Hansel is so hot right now. (Apologies – I can never resist an opportunity to make a Zoolander reference. As you were. Beautiful shawl!)

  • i too am always amazed at how quickly a project goes when I stick to one project and knit in it. It truly is magical. And so surprising. I love your Hap! And I though I was t a fan of haps. But as usual your knitting is enough to change my mind. A lot has to do with your ability to choose really good color combos (the bain of my existence and what stops me from knitting many favorite patterns).

    Also BIG kudos to yher u for not ripping out!! I cannot believe you were able to do that. Hehe, your ur coming over to the dark side (my side).

    I do love that Avery sweater but I worry a drop should may not be so Flatter on my non-whole30 body with a bit of excess on top, of h U know what I mean. But I do LOVE that sweater.

  • It looks like it would also make a nice baby blanket too!

  • Love it. I’ve made a few and will def try spit felting the next time. I found my soution in cheating. I made a Zauberball half hap in which the color changes are already in the yarn.
    Some of the color combos in the shetalnd trader group are amazing. One amazing woman used Impressionist paintings as an inspiration.

  • Such a beautiful shawl…and what a good knitting story! A glorious Plan, “Gotham City was sending up the Bat Signal. It wanted a shawl,” beautiful yarns, the MacGyver-like knitter’s hacks of yarn subbing and spit-splicing, and finally, “much television.” (Oh, and I love thinking of you as a Madrigal singer, resplendent in 1970s blue and gold polyester!)

  • Hansel has been in my queue forever – I really need to knit one!

    • I hit POST too soon (I was busy trying to figure out why sometimes it shows me posting as Janna and sometimes as some variation on jannabeth – I think I maybe have multiple log-ins..) Anyway – your Hansel is gorgeous, and I think you should knit one for yourself in the same Omaha North Vikings colorway!

  • I just finished an extra-large Hansel as a throw blanket for my 5th grade son, in Imperial Tracie and its descendent, Tracie Too. I did all this math to make the extra part work with the knitted-on edging and the border and whatnot and still wound up fudging. But he loves the blanket. Totally different color scheme than yours– I was going for the “rustic lodge” look. 🙂 As for your colors: Go Bruins! (yep, I went to UCLA, so I love me some blue and gold too.)

  • But where is the yearbook photo of resplendent Madrigal Singer Kay?

  • Congrats on your finished Hansel! Mine is just about done. After knitting the lace edge pattern on my DD’s wedding shawl I can do it in my sleep! I heartily agree a Hansel in the colors of Hadley would be perfect!

  • Beautiful shawl, and I absolutely love your writing, Kay!