Ann Budd Explains It All for Us

January 11, 2017

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  • I can so relate to Ann, except that my sense of direction is pretty good. Thanks for the article, I really enjoyed reading it.

  • Ann Budd – my all time favorite “recipe” creator!

  • Looking forward to “channel” Ann while make the Aprés socks. Thank you for the bio!

  • Many thanks for sharing your love of the craft! Encouraged by your teaching, my Christmas gifts to
    My six grandchildren were a pair of golden socks apiece!

  • Her books are so wonderful!

  • I love Ann Budd! The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns is the first book I turn to when designing my own knits. LOVE the tables! I also know other extroverted introverts, or “ambiverts.” I’m glad that Ann has found a balance in her life. Good for her, and lucky for us!

  • such a refreshing read
    What a beautiful soul Ann is. My gramma taught me to knit and crochet at a very young age, Ann reminds me of her. I now teach my grandchildren. I have one more thing on my bucket list. To go on one of the cruises.

  • I will get to meet Ann at A Good Retreat in May… hosted by my LYS.., A Good Yarn Sarasota. Can’t wait!!

  • Thank you, Ann Budd! I had the pleasure of taking several of your classes! Always enjoy knitting your patterns. Knitting has saved me and kept me afloat during some of the toughest times. Now I have the joy of sharing the art through teaching and helping at my LYS!

  • Very nice article. I really like Ann’s books.

  • Ann Budd is one of my favorite knitting teachers–her books taught me a lot about how to knit sweaters. Wonderful profile!

  • I would like for Ann Budd to send me an e-mail due to the that I am a beginner knitter and purchased her book of sweater knitting patterns and do not understand the shaping of the shoulder and neck portion at the bottom of the page before I can continue. Please help!