The Smartest Self-Care Move: Don’t Go on a Diet on January 2

December 28, 2016

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  • Hey Max, email me. I have some data-based concepts about food and weight that you might be able to use.

    • Thanks Laurie! I’m interested. You can always email me at [email protected].

  • I met a woman whose brother was part of the Minnesota Experiment, and said it caused him permanent physical damage. I had no idea the calorie amount was that high. Thanks.

    • Wow. Thank you for sharing this. It’s such a legendary episode – your note makes it all even more real, and even more sobering.

  • This is a good reminder. I have definitely gone overboard this holiday season…something that I don’t typically do. I think the stress I feel over the future of our country kicked in at the same time as many food temptations. Most of the time I don’t even reach for sweets and I seldom eat red meat. Yikes. I feel lethargic even though I’ve kept up my regular exercise schedule. Now I’m going to ease gradually back into my usual lifestyle….starting with lots more water, which also fell by the wayside….more lean protein and fruits and vegetables. I don’t do diets but I do need to cleanse myself and get back to normal.

    • It is such a great feeling to “get back to normal” after the holidays, I think – whether or not we went overboard :). I’m looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule…

  • Thank you Max! xoA

  • Isn’t this Mason Dixon ***Knitting***? Where’s the knitting? So not interested in the latest dieting tips. Or the next frou frou facial, or tips for making my nails look longer, anything else that is currently on the cover of cosmo. Sorry, not sorry.

    • Hi Laurie,

      Don’t know how long you’ve been reading us, but there’s plenty of knitting here, for 13 and a half years. Kind of a lot of knitting, actually. We put it out here, the knitting and the in-addition-to-knitting, daily, in good faith and for an audience that we love and respect. Ann and I have enjoyed Max’s writing for a long time, and we share it here with great enthusiasm, for anyone who chooses to read it.


      • Do you even knit bro?


    • Gotta agree with ya. I go to knitting & crochet blogs to read about yarny things.

    • I for one am heartened to see anti-dieting sentiment so strong that it can mistake even the most explicit anti-diet material as the “latest in dieting tips.”

  • Love this article. Thanks for posting it Max and MDK- thought provoking and timely.

  • To further dilute the “where’s the knitting?” questioner, let me say that I love the new format and the expanded subject matter. I enjoy reading the new columnists when their subject interests me, skim some subjects, and skip over others, depends on the day and my frame of mind. I’ve learned a lot, found things to read, listen to, and knit, and laughed (that being the most important). You keep doing what you’re doing and let the naysayers go elsewhere.

    • Yes- what she said. : )

    • Idem.
      From a Yé-sayer. Bises à tous!

      • Agreeagreeagree!

  • I visit MDK often, and pursue what interests me, and ignore what doesn’t…you know, like people do in every aspect of life. Thanks for the interesting content.

  • I, for one, appreciate all the people and ideas Ann and Kay introduce to us. Juicy things to ponder *while* I am knitting. It all ties together.

  • Interesting article and so pertinent. I personally love all of the varied content. Keep up the good work Ann and Kay! Looking forward to more from you too, Max!

  • Love Snippets because of all the interesting topics. I have recommended it to many knitting friends for all the variety. I look forward to it every week. Thanks and keep it coming!!

    • Love, love, love all I have read of Max, who I was unfamiliar with until Kay and Ann so wisely include
      Max’s wisdom with humor! Kudos,
      To Snippets. Bravo for this new format Kay and Ann !

  • I work with folks in recovery from eating disorders, and this time of year is so so hard when all you hear out there is diet advice, guilt-tripping about the holidays, and demonizing food, all things that could send someone into a dangerous relapse. So as an enthusiastic knitter, I was so pleased to stumble on this, here, and hope that it serves as a welcome surprise/ relief to another knitter who could really use it. Or, the first seed planted about a better path for someone who has been sorely disappointed with how diet culture has failed them.