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  • Swoons!

  • Oh no! How can I pick a colorway????

  • Aghast. You ladies are astonishingly good at matching up professional knitwear talent. How do you do it??!!!

  • I can think of nothing more luxurious than squishy brioche worked in cashmere.

    • Sarah, I think I can – sitting in a cottage by the Hudson on a snowy day,with a cup of cocoa, knitting squishy brioche in cashmere! (Life Note: MAKE THIS HAPPEN.)

  • I’m just going to say, unabashedly, go for this project. It’s got a great rhythm once you get going, it is insanely beautiful and a pleasure to have in your hands. And then, you have this amazing wrap that you’ll use forever. Or 5 if you just can’t choose a pairing.

  • Wow. Wish I could afford this yarn. Reminds me of a favorite wrap from Long gone Charivari. Same stitch. Love the red pink combo

  • Whooaaaaa. I would love to see what it looks like in the other colorways! Yum.

    • I love colors such as indigo, cobalt blue, dark plum, antique rose, teal green, turquoise, purples in the blue family. Love the Dunkin Donut pink and orange combo.

  • Jane and Ken Saffir sound like people I would love to know. Planning a profile anytime soon? Need one? 😉

  • OMG! I am in LOVE!!!

  • Oh, my. I can even spot “the” colorway for me, despite the competition from all your other excellent pairings.

  • GORGEOUS! (yes, I am shouting)

  • Love, love, LOVE

  • Love the wrap – looks so snuggly. And great colorways too!

    Would it be possible to ditch the giant popup signup box? I’ve followed you forever, and now that you’re on the new site, even though I already signed up, it’s like you don’t recognize that I belong.

    • Agree.

    • The site could leave a cookie on your computer, but not in your phone. If it found a cookie the next time you visited, it could maybe not load the pop-up. But this might really slow down the page loading time

  • Absolutely the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen all day! Out of my price range right now, but I can dream…It’s so scrumptious!!!!

  • So beautiful to look at, and I bet it feels great around the neck. Unfortunately, a nearly-200-dollars-worth-of-yarn knitted wrap is not going to be in my budget in the near future. (Much less 5 of them, though that does sound fun, Nell.) I will view this as I do most Purl Soho projects—eye candy, or a virtual Artist’s Way Field Trip.

  • Ann & Kay you really have created an absolute ‘dream team’ of designers, colour-pickers, writers & advisers.
    Thank you. Xxx