Giftalong (And Gilmores)

By Kay Gardiner
November 29, 2016

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  • I was wondering when I was going to have time to find out what patterns these were! I noticed them right away, as well as at least one more in the first episode. Thank you!

  • That Nell is a genius. What fun patterns and seeing handmade knitwear in one of my fav shows ever was splendid of course. Fiber looks yummy as well. Thanks Team MDK.

  • I never saw GG either. I read there was an update so I tuned into the old on Netflix. Plenty of knitting time-6 seasons and 22 episodes each. It is actually very current, witty dialog for 10 years ago and I have already noticed all the knit hats they wear. It will definitley carry me through for at least Dec.

    • 7 seasons–you’ll be disappointed if you stop at 6

  • Great pile of finished gifts! Sure puts my 1/3 of the way finished honey cowl (short version) and 1/20 of the way finished capelet ( size 15 needles) to shame! Kay, I especially like the Metronome–great colors! You’re my Secret Santa, right? (repeating that question might make it so…) 😉

  • You need to watch Gilmore Girls. Start at the beginning. It’s great eat for binge knitting.

  • Delete ‘eat’ in the previous comment.

  • I noticed those scarves right away. I like the one on the left, in particular. Your gift pile is very impressive.

  • Super excited that you love our work! We would love to chat sometime about our experience back stage and knitting on set with the cast of Gilmore GIrls. We have lots of other new patterns coming out very soon. Keep your eyes peeled on our site 😀

  • Love the Eponymuff especially, and so very glad to know I’m in good company with Kay, as I too have neglected to hail a ride on the Gilmour Girls bandwagon 😉

    • You see?! I can’t even spell “Gilmore” right…

  • Kay, I suspect the real reason for global warming is the speed with which you knit!

  • Based on what I know of your tastes – I think you’d love Gilmore Girls. I didn’t find it until after the show was off the air – but it’s fantastic. Given current times (and since I have now stopped watching all news so have lots of free time for other viewing!) it’s also a nice distraction – light, funny and delightful all the way around. You’ll be hooked.

  • Oh yeah – also – love the knitting. Your bundt cake cowl is fantastic. It looks like something I’d like to make 10 of for next Christmas! I just made Vancouver Mitts in that same Madelinetosh colorway – Pecan Glaze.

  • So nice to hear of others who didn’t watch The Gilmore Girls the first time around! I’m thinking there might be binge-watching/knitting going on to it soon. Also – I’m very impressed with that pile of gifts!

  • I’ve never watched GG either! I may be seeing a little binge watching and knitting in my future.

  • I hate to be a grammar Nazi, especially when I love the blog and your patterns, but you do know it is “voila” not “wa-la”, don’t you?
    I’d love to add a photo to the “pile of presents” but it would be a picture of a pile of yarn and one mitten. I’d better get cracking!

  • You are far more generous with your knitting than I am. This year mitts will abound, then some sort of baby thing, then more for me.

    I haven’t seen Gilmore girls either, and still do my have Netflix, but I love the scarves!

  • I know I was not the only knitter sketching out Paris’s scarf while watching and trying to figure out how to recreate it! Fortunately the work has already been done.

  • Yay!! For Lisa and Lucia. I know them from their former Sifu shop in Chicago and am so happy to see them moving on in the design world!!

  • Well done finding the pattern for Paris’ scarf!!!!

  • Beautiful gifts! WOW love the patterns!

  • Yay! Someone else who has never seen The Gilmore GIrls although is also aware of both incarnations. BUT… I knew the answer to the pattern questions!

    There’s a new show called Good Behavior on TNT that I like. It stars Lady Mary from Downon, which means Kay can count it as a British show. Or not.

  • “The Gilmore Girls” would be much better if someone would muzzle Lauren Graham’s character. I tried to watch a few episodes, but her character’s constant sarcasm and immaturity quickly wears thin.

  • I need your advice. I have been searching for a simple wedding shawl for my friends daughter. All too complex and time consuming in needle size 2. I only have a month to complete it. Help! Any suggestions you both may have?