Breton Cowl Freakout

By Ann Shayne
November 17, 2016

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  • Now that is simply ingenious!

  • I’m a little confused as to why you couldn’t just pull one end from the outside and one end from the inside and just use one ball. That way you wouldn’t have to divide into two balls or wrangle them while knitting…

  • Ann, you’re a hoot!

  • Deeply moved by this short film. The suspense! The animal! The music! I took the easy way out of this dilemma by winding the yarn into a center pull ball and using both ends as I knit.


  • Brilliant solution – and if you’re like me with over 95% of your life still in storage, you could use paperclips or even yarn to hold those 2 balls.

  • Ann, you’re a genius!

  • I love my Knit Picks scale. Add one to your Christmas list! I even bought a second one for my husband (yes, as a Christmas gift) so that he could actually weigh mail with it without having to get mine from my knitting closet. Bonus, I now have two locations for weighing my yarn!

  • Oh man, that’s genius problem-solving! And Kermit — so very ready for his closeup.
    Thanks, Ann. You make my day.

  • KERMIT <3

    Also, great idea, Ann!

  • Love this yarnology tip!

  • Necessity really is the mother of invention. Brilliant solution I would never have thought of. I see Kermit enjoyed his moment of fame last time and is ready for a close up.

  • Hmmmm. I wound mine into a cake, and pulled one end from the inside and one from the outside. So far so good. We’ll see if I have a tangled mess of fluff at the end, but I’ve got it in a plastic bag with a corner snipped off, so there’s not a lot of shifting around.

    It works, but there is nothing at all cinematically engaging about it. Whereas your solution is an artistic tour de force complete with and engaging sound track. Yet another reason why we all love you so much.

    • Lol, the Citizen Kane of yarn-winding YouTubes. Just carving out a niche here. I should have explained that my need for two separate balls was that I was making sleeves, and was using a yarn that is no longer available. I think you’re on the right track for doubling your yarn–any normal human would use a ball winder and scale.

  • brilliant

  • Educational and entertaining! High Five Ann!

  • Great idea! Fantastic film! And Kermit looks so suave in his tux!

  • You are a GREAT screenwriter and narrator, and Kermit is a phenomenal dramatic actor. Just a guess here: is Eliot directing?

  • Ecumenical! Ha!

  • You. Are. Brilliant.

  • If Kermit thinks it’s okay, I think it’s okay!

  • I really really want to hear your opinions about welts. They appear to be do simple, but scratch the surface and there’s much drama.

  • Great idea to get even balls of yarn! I have to do this a lot, and happy to have an actually helpful way to do it. Thanks!!

  • Ann, I love your writing and the projects it describes. A big ball of comfort is what MDK is to me.