Giftalong: It’s Go Time!

By Kay Gardiner
November 14, 2016

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  • Hi Kay–If I remember correctly, EZ’s Knitters Almanac has some knit ornament patterns. I think they’re in a summer month chapter, perhaps August.–Diane

    • Good idea, Diane. I do remember the story she told of knitting a Christmas tree in a boat.

  • Just ordered Presto. If Mom were alive I would have ordered a copy for her, too. She loved a good one skein Malibrigo project. However, she couldn’t wait until Christmas; if you were in the room with her, that hat or cowl was yours the minute it came off her needles. Oh, and as I read your post, I thought, Kay is talking about yarn, but I’m seeing my stash of cranberries, pecans, Brussels sprouts, and butternut squash. Color and texture is color and texture. For those of us who crave it, we get it where we can. Happy knitting. I’ll provide food for the lounge. xo

  • I thought I wasn’t knitting any gifts, but then I remembered my knitting group always makes hats for the hardy staff at “our” Panera and I’ve got a hat or two to make. Bankhead is calling my name (just found it in your 8 hats link). Love that deep ribbing and slouch.

  • I’m glad you’re doing this, because there is one little project (well, maybe two) that I really want to make for someone, but my attention span is about the length of a wooden matchstick right now. KAL to the rescue!

  • Having just spent hours (not exaggerating) organizing my stash, I now know how many single skeins of things I own. Must find lots & lots of patterns for hat, mitts, etc. I think I might own 4 sweaters’ worth of yarn, the rest if single, sometimes 2 skeins. And I have about 8 tubs of yarn. Yeah, I need to stop buying one skein of pretty stuff.

  • All right, the tunic sweater I was making for me is finished (all but the blocking, but since it’s still in the 70’s here in California I can’t wear it yet anyway…) so out come the Christmas projects, which I have to knit around the company coming for Thanksgiving since they’re getting some of them. 2 cowls, 2 hats and a pair of mitts. Gotta get cracking!

    • Oops, wrong place to post.

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  • I love those mitts, sort of. They look a tad slouchy, like they will only stay on with your hands up!

    • The gloves are actually gauntlets with increases to make room for your forearms. If you want a tighter fit, just leave out the increases.

  • Would this cowl be okay for beginner knitters? I’ve knit a couple hats and scarves and part of a sock, but I love the shape of this and would love to try it.

  • Presto’s not available for another few days on Amazon, but I read on Lars’ (or is it Lars’s) Facebook page that the book is being published in PDF. Have you heard anything about this?

  • I’m caving. Gonna order Presto, in spite of delay. This cowl is intriguing me and I know it’s not nearly as simple as it might look. At a little more than $2/pattern, it’s a bargain.