Rule No. 1 Mug

A sturdy diner mug with a message that can get you to the other side of intarsia.



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  • I dare say the one on Broadchurch ain’t bad.

  • May I also recommend Call the Midwife (available on Netflix) for a very sexy vicar? It’s a fantastic show all around, following a group of midwives in the East End of London post-WW2, as the National Health Service went into effect and poor women had, for the first time, access to midwives and prenatal care. Plus, sexy vicar.

  • the Vicar of Dibley is available on Netflix. This is one of my favorite shows and will watch it over and over again.

  • Oh yes Sidney…..❤!

  • Grantchester? Ummm ….. yes!

  • don’t forget the episode where “I can’t believe it’s not butter” appears in the Vicar of Dibley.