Knitter’s City Bag

By Julia Hilbrandt


We’re thrilled to offer this exclusive crossbody bag.

The pared-down, hands-free companion to our most popular bag, the Knitter’s Tote, designed in collaboration with master bag maker Julia Hilbrandt. Now available in two colors of her signature industrial felt—gray and charcoal—the Knitter’s City Bag features a sleek proportion, leather handles, and a crossbody strap. Lightweight and amazingly durable, it’s a daily carry that we think you’re going to love.

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A bit of background:

The MDK Knitter’s Tote is our bestselling bag. 

We carry ours every day, as sturdy as a ship, on trips to the office and voyages to faraway places. The industrial felt is resilient, forgiving, and spectacularly durable.

We have dreamed about a bag with a slimmer silhouette, in the modern style that Julia Hilbrandt has made famous.

Well, it’s finally here. The Knitter’s City Bag has all the minimalist perfection of the Knitter’s Tote, now in a trimmed-down shape.

Form and function meet. It holds quite a lot, actually!

The crossbody strap is adjustable, which is a nice touch. It’s removable, for those times when you’re feeling the need to carry your Knitter’s City Bag in the crook of your arm, or as a handbag.

There’s a magnetic closure to snug up the opening.

And yes, there are two pockets, one of which is the exact right size to hold a Field Guide.

Sometimes dreams really do come true.