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Vilasinee Bunnag

The Loome · Berkeley, California

Vilasinee Bunnag left a career in wealth management to take a design idea from concept to reality. She is the inventor and designer of the Loome tool, a five-in-one tool for making pom-poms, tassels, friendship bracelets, weavings and cords. She travels the country sharing tips and tricks for making a round, dense pom-pom that makes everyone happy.  Her Instagram is an instant mood elevator.

Vilasinee is the author of  Loome Party: 20+ Tiny Yarn Projects to Make From Your Stash (Abrams 2018).  She lives in Berkeley, California.

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Contributions From Vilasinee Bunnag

How to Make Soft Stitch Markers

Turn scraps of yarn into clever, colorful rings.

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Pom-poms with Vilasinee

How do you become a pom-pom ambassador? Vilasinee Bunnag, inventor of the Loome tool and author of a brand-new book on the subject, tells us how she got this gig.

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