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Susan Cropper

Owner of Loop, London · London, United Kingdom

Susan Cropper arrived in London 30 years ago with her homesick English husband, so she sees London both as a traveler and a longtime denizen.

After studying textile design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she then graduated from The School of Visual Arts. Leaving a job with Mademoiselle magazine at Conde Nast as well as her family, friends and roots in NYC, she picked up sticks and went across the ocean to make a life in London.

After her arrival in London, Susan worked as a graphic designer, art director and stylist on numerous publications while having three children and raising her young family. In 2005 she opened her Islington shop, Loop, a warm and inviting space full to the brim with gorgeous yarns and haberdashery sourced from around the world, inspiring sample garments, and eclectic artwork.


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A Knitter’s Weekend: London

Susan Cropper, proprietor of Loop, leads us on a fiber-lover's tour of London. Tea and cakes included.

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