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Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Washington DC


As a daughter of a professional tailor, she has acquired her understanding of clothing construction from an early age, which has progressively become more intuitive. This intuition helps her to create imaginative yet versatile knitwear. Conceived as a line for trendy and ultimately wearable knitwear, the brand is ever evolving. Drawing her inspiration from industrial and architectural fields, combined with her passion for European and Japanese design, results in Olga’s knitwear designs infused with innovation. Always seeking to develop new ways to incorporate knitwear in these modern times has prompted for her Transform line to emerge.

Transform—result of a transformation. The essence of this signature knitwear range is versatility and expanded wearability of each garment: these intelligently constructed pieces provide quintessential wardrobe staples that will compliment various outfits, suit multiple occasions, wearable year round and will suit all seasons.

Balancing out love for texture and minimalism presented in numerous accessories and garments, the brand’s pattern range consistently implements technique-driven elements within each pattern for a greater learning experience and impeccably finished knitwear.

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Shima Shima

Shima Shima

She had us at stripes. And then Olga Buraya-Kefelian knit up those stripes in one of the softest, drapiest yarns, in garter stitch blocks that combine the main color brilliantly with three gradients. It all adds up to a sophisticated ombré effect that we love. In two colorways. The kit includes seven skeins of Woolfolk Tynd (enough to make either size) and a postcard with a link to download the pattern on for free. Scroll down for more pictures.

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A Portrait in Objects: Olga Buraya-Kefelian

The books, objects, materials, and textures that fill the Field Guide No. 24: Spark designer with joy.

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