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Mina Philipp

Knitwear designer · Kent, England

Mina Philipp is a self-taught knitter and designer at Knitting Expat Designs on Ravelry. Passionate about incorporating color and texture into her designs, Mina dives into everything from cables and textures to colorwork and lace.

Mina strives to be inclusive with her designs in terms of sizing and pricing, and to make them approachable for newer knitters, so that as many people as possible can enjoy them. Wherever possible she incorporates flexibility to give knitters the tools and confidence to customize their projects. 

Mina also hosts  the Knitting Expat Podcast on YouTube, and teaches in person and at online knitting workshops.

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Contributions From Mina Philipp

A Portrait in Objects: Mina Philipp

In this designer's richly layered world, "rainbow" is a color.

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