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Kristin Axtman and Anthony Francis

Brooklyn Haberdashery · Brooklyn, New York

Kristin Axtman hails from a long line of makers and do-it-yourselfers in North Dakota. Kristin has continually made things—from the timber frame house she designed and built with her husband, Anthony Francis, down to handmade holiday cards.

For most of her professional life, Kristin was an Organizational Development Consultant, using behavioral psychology to re-design organizations. Kristin’s zest for life experience has landed her working in positions varying from Head of School to Deckhand, with a few stops in between as Sea Kayak Instructor, Book Editor, Prison Work Crew Supervisor, and Fresca Girl. She launched Brooklyn Haberdashery in 2016.

Anthony joined Brooklyn Haberdashery full time in 2020. He most recently worked in product development for a tool company. His past adventures have included stints as a General Contractor, Executive Director for a youth boat building program, a school’s Head of English Department, Sea Kayak Instructor, and Landscaper.

When she sets down her needle and thread, Kristin can be found eating her way through the world, combing flea markets, and with Anthony, gardening and renovating their brownstone. They live with their teenager in Brooklyn, New York.

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