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Kirsten Kapur

Knitwear designer · New York, New York

For Kirsten Kapur, it’s all about the interplay of color and texture. As a prolific knitwear designer, she instinctively looks for the unexpected combination of construction, texture, and color. Drop Dead Easy Knits is her latest book with Mary Lou Egan and Gale Zucker. She is also the author of Kirsten Kapur Shawl Book One. She lives in New York City, and you can keep up with her at

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MDK Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns

MDK Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns

Hand-dyed and multicolor yarns make us giddy with delight. We collect gorgeous skeins without a care for what we might actually knit with them. MDK Field Guide No. 3 has three great designers' best ideas for projects that do justice to these magical yarns. Find everything you need to knit these designs in the One-Stop Shop!

Choose an option: digital download or print edition. The print edition includes a free digital download at Ravelry—your unique download code is on the inside back cover. In addition, we’ll download a digital edition to your MDK account as well. 

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