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Kate Davies

Kate Davies Designs · Scotland

In 2010, Kate Davies left an academic career and began Kate Davies Designs (KDD), creating digital patterns for hand knitters. The business combined Kate’s skills in research, writing and design, and quickly became a small publishing company through which she produces her own books, bringing together her passions for historical research, textile design, and practical creativity.
As KDD grew, Kate’s interest in making things expanded from books and hats to different kinds of manufacturing.  In 2015 she developed her own brands of yarn for hand knitting and in 2017 launched her own knitwear line, KDD Originals, designed and made in Scotland.

Kate has shared her expertise with museums and heritage organizations and contributed to BBC radio programs on topics such as the landscape of British knitting and the history of socks. Her website is archived by the British Library as part of its project to preserve national documentary heritage.

Kate’s forthcoming memoir, Handywoman (Spring 2018), explores her experiences of brain injury, creativity, and practices of making. Look for it this spring!

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