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Cecelia Campochiaro

Author · Silicon Valley, California

Cecelia Campochiaro grew up in a family of artists and has been knitting since she was 12. Her professional work was to develop finely calibrated machines that inspect computer chips, which requires precision on par with counting a gauge swatch. She left high tech in 2018 to focus on knitting.

While seeking simple knitting projects to take with her on business trips, Cecelia “unvented” a simple way of knitting in which complex-looking fabrics “just happen.” This discovery led to mountains of swatches, months of work, and the publication, in 2015, of her beautiful, groundbreaking book, Sequence Knitting: Simple Methods for Creating Complex Reversible Fabrics. Her new book is Making Marls: A Sourcebook for Multistranded Handknitting, an exquisite exploration of knitting with multiple strands of yarn.

Cecelia lives in Silicon Valley and still travels widely—but now it’s for knitting. Keep track of Cecelia’s teaching and other appearances at her website.

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Contributions From Cecelia Campochiaro

Color Explosion Shawl: Virtual Workshop with Cecelia Campochiaro

Color Explosion Shawl: Virtual Workshop with Cecelia Campochiaro

This is going to be a blast—a color explosion, in fact. Please join us on Friday, August 9, from noon-3:00 PM Eastern time, for a virtual workshop with renowned teacher Cecelia Campochiaro. In a 3-hour Zoom class, we'll dive into the wondrous technique of marling—rich in tips and tricks, suitable for both newcomers and old hands. Scroll down for full details. The project: Cecelia's brand-new Color Explosion Shawl, featuring 6 shades of one of her all-time favorite yarns, Ito Kinu, a light and floaty silk noil that is perfect for all-season wear. This virtual workshop includes the pattern download and complete yarn kit for the Color Explosion Shawl, in your choice of 3 colorways. (Please note: ignore "choose 2" instruction when selecting your colorway. Choose just one. Apologies for the computer glitch!) Order by June 28, 2024 to ensure your kit arrives for the virtual workshop! Please note: This is a preorder. Kits will ship the week of July 22, 2024.

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My Own Spectra Sweater

The designer marls along.

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MDK Field Guide No. 5: Sequences

MDK Field Guide No. 5: Sequences

Rich, gorgeous, simple to make. This Field Guide introduces the ingenious idea of sequence knitting, the "unvention" of Cecelia Campochiaro. Cecelia's four designs provide the perfect canvas for you to play with her gorgeous knit-and-purl stitch patterns. Rediscover the endless puzzle of knitting all over again with these elegant, simple projects. Find everything you need to knit these designs in the One-Stop Shop!

Choose an option: digital download or print edition. The print edition includes a free digital download at Ravelry—your unique download code is on the inside back cover. In addition, we'll download a digital edition to your MDK account as well. 

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