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Bristol Ivy

Designer and Teacher · Bangor, Maine

We first encountered the inventive mind of Bristol Ivy with her Thorn wrap, which sent Ann on a magnificent journey. Since then, we have watched her career explode as knitters fell for her designs that combine the classic and the unexpected.

Bristol’s design work focuses on the intersection between innovative technique and classic tailoring, and her classes focus on creativity, technique, and understanding the nuts and bolts of knitting. She is the author of the books Knitting Outside the Box and Knitting Outside the Box: Drape & Fold. Her work has also been published with Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People, Quince & Co., PomPom Quarterly, Interweave Knits, amirisu, and here on MDK

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Contributions From Bristol Ivy

No More “Front” and “Back”

From the brilliant designer Bristol Ivy, a modest proposal for more clarity in knitting patterns.

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Nesting Wrap

Nesting Wrap

A splendid combination of classic and innovative, this glorious wrap is a swath of two-color brioche—with a twist. The lines of brioche shift as you knit, creating gentle arcs that resemble the feathers of a bird. Or knit it without the arcs—an excellent first brioche project. Subtle, elegant, cool. As often with Bristol Ivy, she turns a classic wrap into something very modern. Plus, there's a simple version of the pattern included, if you'd like to make a classic rectangle of brioche, without the shifting arcs. Please note: this pattern is provided in digital PDF format only.

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