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Brandi Cheyenne Harper

Brooklyn, New York

From Knitting for Radical Self-Care: A Modern Guide:

My name is Brandi Cheyenne Harper. My ultimate goal is designing a life filled with and in tune with nature, simple and intricately
constructed. To inspire people to build their most abundant and joyous lives, creatively and with ease.

I write instructions for protective, futurist knits informed by Black, queer, and feminist theory. I’ve designed and taught crafty business classes. I earned degrees in vocal music, international politics, gender development, and French. I have certifications with the Anti-Violence Project (AVP) and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

When knitting begins to feel too much like work, I play in clay. I handbuild and throw on the potter’s wheel, making nesting bowls and bud vases and structures to organize knitting tools and notions. Wholesome products supporting our ease and alignment. Moving into publishing is this wonderful opportunity to create tools encompassing all my passions. And to think, this is only the beginning.

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A Portrait in Objects: Brandi Cheyenne Harper

A visit to the inspiring home and studio of the author of Knitting for Radical Self-Care.

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