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Andrea Hungerford

Attorney, maker, author · Portland, Oregon

Andrea writes:

As anyone who loves hand works can tell you, it’s twice as much fun when you can share what you love with others who have the same passion! A little about me: I’m the mom of three daughters and much of my time goes toward Springwater Environmental Sciences School, the public charter school that I founded when my oldest daughter began first grade. I’m a practicing attorney, but would rather spend my time on our twenty-acre farm, working in the veggie garden and the rose garden, caring for our menagerie of animals (alpacas, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, and fish). I wanted my girls to grow up in a place where they could run and play and learn about nature through their own back yard . . .

But my real love is hand crafts—of all kinds. Every time I turn around, there’s something new I want to learn!  I came to this love relatively late in life, not until after I began a family, and it started with my self-taught passion for quilting. It’s since broadened to include photography, mosaics, preserving fruits and vegetables, embroidery, sewing (of all kinds!), and, most particularly, knitting. I’m a yarn addict! I think it’s the never-ending variety of colors and textures—I love more than anything playing with color. I’d love to add spinning, working with natural dyes, and weaving to my list, but I’m trying to pace myself!

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