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Dear knitter,

Welcome to your Saturday!

This week we’ve had the joy of celebrating the five imagination-sparking designs of MDK Field Guide No. 24: Spark. Each of these wonderful designs is a tantalizing peek into the mind of one of the most inventive designers we know, Olga Buraya-Kefelian.

If you haven’t seen them yet, your knitterly neurons are about to fire like never before. Say hello to:

Turnstile Wrap (plus: knitalong alert! Prizes!)

Paragon Popover

Two Delightful Puzzles (that you can wear)

Penrose Tote

Which one will you cast on first?

It’s going to be a fantastic summer of playful knitting—and beautiful pieces to wear and share.

Order your copy right here, as a print edition with a Ravelry ebook download code in the back; or as an ebook-only download.

Hey, there’s a lookbook!

We’ve created a brand-new lookbook for this Field Guide—it shows all the projects and yarns you’ll need, with shopping cart links for easy shopping. Just click the arrow to view!

We’re particularly proud of the yarns for this Field Guide. Good people making beautiful yarns, our favorite thing!

Click here to see it all—or scroll down to see the designs. 

Meanwhile . . .

It’s the stitches! Patty Lyon’s takes on the wonkiness of left-cross cables and wins.

DG’s Knit to This is a double-header of new releases from brilliant songwriters who are also sublime vocalists. Tune in here.

Remember to enter this week’s giveaway by midnight Central time Sunday night. The prize: Winner’s choice of two Field Guides—our little books that explore the big world of knitting—plus Field Guide No. 24! See them all here: Make Your Own Field Guide Bundle.

Thanks for everything you do to support MDK. Every morning, we bring you the best writers, teachers, and designers we know. Beautifully presented and freely shared—and every bit funded by your purchases in the MDK Shop.

If you haven’t shopped with us yet, we urge you to support what you love, and have a great shopping experience while you’re at it. And if you have shopped with us, THANK YOU—you’re the best. No really, you are.

Questions? Email us anytime at, and you’ll get a prompt personal response from a real live MDK person.

Stay healthy, take care of each other, and knit on.


Ann and Kay

Field Guide No. 24: Spark

Turnstile Wrap is absolutely amazing: a garment that you can wear all sorts of ways. Pick your Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio DK color here.

When Olga starts fooling around with i-cord, the Tendril Necklace is what happens. So cool! Such a quick bit of work, with a result that is perfect for a summer day. Make it in Creative Linen or Dream State here.

The Paragon Popover: Amazing and a breeze to knit, with a spectacular, dramatic results in Tov DK.

How does a simple set of stitches become so dimensional? That’s the sort of thing Olga likes to explore, all day long. The yarn? We have an MDK-exclusive bundle for this one, Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio Sock plus a skein of Chromium, with a bit of stainless steel.

Olga’s love of geometric stitch patterns is on full display in the Penrose Tote. The diamonds form a subtly dimensional texture, pleats almost. In two sizes, with two yarn options: Creative Linen and our exclusive Neighborhood Fiber Co Tote and Cuff Bundle. Find it all here.

You can take it with you!

Here’s your new travel project! The Belinda Wrap is an airy scarf/shawl that only takes a few ounces of our favorite featherweight yarn, Kidsilk Haze. More room in your suitcase for swimsuits and souvenirs, and companionable knitting for the journey.

Two balls each of color A and color B, and off you go—with this luminous palette, color pairing is a breeze. See Ann’s choices here.

The Tools We Love

Our scissors game is on point. Sharp-as-heck Gingher Embroidery Scissors are our sentimental favorite, and they’re back in stock in two styles: the classic Stork and the jaunty Epaulette.  

And there’s a new scissors in town, the Rose Gold Scissors from Brooklyn Haberdashery. Made in Italy, these nickel-plated carbon steel beauties are expertly engineered for a lifetime of snappy snipping.

Flower Stitch Markers by Allstitch Studios come in a Sampler Box and in handy envelopes. Add some spring to your tool kit!

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Be sure to lavish Olga’s new designs with love on Ravelry here.


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