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Dear Knitter,

Welcome to your Saturday!

It’s MDK Gems time. This month’s special offer is Spincycle Dyed in the Wool—as close to handspun as can be. No two skeins alike—and each skein a marvel. A design we particularly love for it is Dianna Walla’s Leif Cowl—a quick stranded colorwork moment that will show you what Dyed in the Wool can do.

Our Offer

When you order any quantity of Dyed in the Wool, we’ll include the ebook edition of Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns, which includes the Leif Cowl. Offer good through Monday, April 15.

And ooh—look at these colorway pairings courtesy of one of MDK’s best color minds.

Those Fab Hats

Did you see? By popular demand, we’ve brought in a fresh batch of Knitter hats, in just the right summer blue. These hats go fast, so get yours while they last.


We had a big time on MDK this week.

Alternating skeins can be a wonderful way to bring out the best in hand-dyed yarns. Patty Lyons goes deep on how to get the best results.

Did Bang Out a Sweater fuel your fire for fast-knitting yoke sweaters? Follow Jen Arnall-Culliford on a mission to scout cool yokes.

Long before his soup cans, Andy Warhol worked as a commercial illustrator. Tag along with Jeni Hankins on a visit to Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh, currently hosting a fascinating collection of his whimsical textile prints.

When DG likes a thing, reading about why he likes that thing is half the fun.

There’s no other knitting site like MDK. Every morning, we bring the best writers, teachers, and knitting to you, free of charge. This daily stream of fun, learning, and big-hearted community is only possible because of your purchases from the MDK Shop—thank you!

Questions? Email us anytime at, and you’ll get a personal response from a real live MDK person.

Stay healthy, take care of each other, and knit on.


Ann and Kay

The Knitter Hat is Back

When we saw that a certain haute couture house was selling a swanky interpretation of the classic ball cap, we were inspired to create one for knitters. The MDK Knitter Hat—now in a brand-new, limited colorway—Dusty Indigo! Get yours quick before they’re gone, right here.

MDK Gems: Dyed in the Wool

MDK Gems starring Spincycle Dyed in the Wool is ongoing through Monday, April 15. You’ll get a free ebook of Field Guide No. 3: Wild Yarns, which stars a pattern that makes splendid use of Dyed in the Wool, Dianna Walla’s Leif Cowl.

Colorwork turns hypnotic when worked with Dyed in the Wool. Your mileage will 100% differ when you make your Leif Cowl—the beauty and joy of Dyed in the Wool is the uniqueness of every single skein.

One of our favorite procrastinations is dreaming up color combos, so here are some ideas for fun pairings for the Leif Cowl from the mind of our very own MDK color enthusiast, Allison:

Come up with your own cool combo with our full selection of Dyed in the Wool, right here.

Patty Lyons!

For the first time, the Queen of Clever will be teaching a virtual class at MDK. Patty Lyons has more tricks up her sleeve than the Great Purlini. We’re thrilled that she’s cooking up a special class just for us. Register here for this May 10 funfest.

Reader Joan Gavigan puts it best: “I have been to a couple of Patty’s classes at VK Live in NYC. She is a fabulous teacher. You get your money’s worth because she stays on target and gets through a lot of material. By the time you finish the class you REALLY have learned something. The cost of this class is a steal, truly a steal. I’m signing on as soon as I can. 🙂

Make Your Own Field Guide Bundle

Here’s a fun thing: we have 26 Field Guides in our collection—delectable, small excursions into all sorts of beautiful knitting from a who’s who of designers.

Order 3 or more Field Guides, and save 15%—and you’ll soon receive a delivery of little books that will inspire, amuse, and set you to knitting something new. It’s conceivable to make a bundle of all 26, just sayin. Have a peek now.

Little Bundles of Iceland for You

Great news! We’re back in stock on the yarn bundles for Hélène Magnússon’s designs in Field Guide No. 26: Mosscheck them out.

More Field Guides Ahead: Subscribe Now

If you’re loving Field Guide No. 26: Moss, we’ve got great news: MDK will publish two more MDK Field Guides in 2024. We are working on them right now, and we can’t wait to show you what’s in store. Subscribing to the MDK Field Guides of 2024 is the best way to experience them, a truly VIP experience.

Subscribing brings many benefits, including 10% savings on every MDK full-price item, all year long—including events! Subscribers will get first access to each new Field Guide, and we ship subscriber copies before the official launch date. Check it out, and subscribe here.

We Get Letters

For the Crowberry Sweater: “Such a beautiful sweater!!!! This is a doable, enjoyable pattern: the hem, the yoke, the cuffs, the details, the fit, more. Loved every stitch. Enjoy the knitalong, everyone!

For the Bang Out a Sweater Virtual Workshop with Lorilee Beltman: “The best class I’ve ever taken.” Another class member rates it “5 stars.

Hashtag #MDKluv: “Thank you for each post, each pattern, each how-to, each what to watch, recipe, explanation why things get wonky and where to travel and let’s not even forget about the gnome sensation you have kickstarted! MDK enhances my daily life.

Music … and Mittens!

Leave it to Norwegian superstars Arne & Carlos to come up with something brand new for knitters and music lovers.


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