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It’s funny, having our little yarn warehouse on Taylor Street. It’s like having a stash, a really specific stash. Spending time there leaves me scheming up all sorts of stuff—patterns that would work well with our yarns.

The Lisa Lucia patterns from Gilmore Girls really got me thinking.

To the point that we’ve cooked up special yarn kits.

The Rory Scarf Kit, to make Dots & Dashes Hat and Scarf.

The Paris Scarf Kit, to make Eponymuff Scarf.


These two patterns are not typical crank-it-and-wear-it patterns. There’s a reason they look so distinctive: they are full of technique and clever tricks. Lisa and Lucia are writing seriously comprehensive patterns, dense with tips and instruction. It’s a bargain to have patterns that include so much care and thought.



This scarf looks like some sort of demented brioche. But it’s just knits and purls, shifting along, with a chart to follow that makes it all elegantly wavy. We’ve put together kits with a yarn we can’t get enough of, Hazel Knits Artisan Sock.

Quill and Terrywinkle
Zest and Nickel
Cornflower and Coveralls
Sharkskin and Lichen

Dots & Dashes


You’ve never tried double knitting? You know, where you knit a two-sided, reversible thing?

Me neither.


Well, Lisa and Lucia give a great little tutorial at the beginning of this pattern. In about five minutes, I’m cranking my first double knit swatch and feeling like a genius.


I went with Shibui Drift in Ash and Velvet (aka eggplant, aubergine, dim and delicious).

Here are the colorways we’ve cooked up for our kits:

Velvet and Field
Ash and Graphite
Ash and Velvet
Field and Graphite

I encourage you to join this seven-season binge. (Netflix is my source.) Season 1, Episode 1 already has me hooked: small town, small-scale dramedy. Moby-Dick, Mars, and now Gilmore Girls: I’ll see you all next year!

More to Come Soon

This is a big week for us. We have a special project to introduce later this week. Here’s our photographer, Jill Meriwether, waiting for the light.


We hope you like this new project—it’s from a young designer whose work we admire so much.


(scarf photos courtesy of Lisa Lucia)


  • Thanks! I’ve been wanting to do a double knit project for eons! But I think I’ll turn mine into a cowl…..

    • Wow, cool idea. Curious how you would encowl it–the cast on is Judy Becker’a Magic Cast On, so you’d need some kind of provisional on. Which in double knit is a stumper to this newbie! Or you could turn the pattern sideways and go with a different orientation. Go for it! Must see!

  • Beautiful!

  • Hmm. Methinks a couple of those colors combos would not pass the “is there contrast even in a b&w photo?” test. I really like the scarf, though.

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