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Dear knitters,

This is our favorite thing to announce.

Big news.

The beginning of a season of knitting that we’ve been anticipating for years.

It’s Field Guide No. 27, coming in late May.

And it includes a collection of patterns by one of the most inventive knitwear designers we know: Fatimah Hinds.

Welcome, Fatimah! This is going to be such an adventure, the thing that’s going to get us through summer with cool, delightful knitting.

We have admired Fatimah’s work ever since—years ago—we saw one of her artful, tangly cable hats. So, so clever. As we have spent time with her working on this Field Guide, we have come to really love the way she aims for the sweet spot of projects that are beautiful as well as practical. She loves the puzzle of knitting—and she loves projects that have tricky bits but not too many tricky bits.

That’s what we love, too.

What, you may be asking, is the theme of Field Guide No. 27?

It’s one of our traditions to keep that a secret until the Field Guide ships out. We will say that we’ve already jumped the gun on her designs and are having a delicious time. It’s knitting that suits the season, and Fatimah has already taught us three new techniques.

She’ll be teaching a virtual class for us, which will be absolutely fascinating. Her experience as a math teacher has given her a) the patience of a saint and b) superb knowledge of the best ways to teach.

To Do Right Now

Subscribe to MDK Field Guides. Maybe you’re a wait-and-see kind of knitter. We get it. If you’d like to wait for the official launch date for Field Guide No. 27 at the end of May, no worries. That said, we hope you’ll jump in and become a Field Guide subscriber now.

There are juicy benefits for subscribers, most amazingly a monthly coupon code that saves you 10% on every full-price MDK purchase—and events as well. You’ll get first chance to register for Fatimah’s class.

You’ll receive your print Field Guide first.

And you’ll have first look at the yarns for this Field Guide. Knowing as we do the yarns that we have brought in for this Field Guide, I’d encourage you to subscribe if you’re a fan of rare yarns.

Make Your Own Field Guide bundle. Now is a good time to take a ramble through our collection of 26 Field Guides. When you order three or more, you’ll save 15% off the single-copy price, and each Field Guide includes a Ravelry download code in the back for the ebook edition as well.

Get ready. This is a Field Guide for the ages—we’ll be making these projects forever. Thanks, Fatimah! Can’t wait to get started.


Ann and Kay


  • Oooooooh – I love Fatimah and her designs. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Quite exciting…eager to see these wonderful works of alchemy!

  • Fatimah ! Yay for this. She is wonderful. Love her designs and thoughts . Looking forward to having this field guide from Fatimah.

  • I’m so excited for this one. Love her Instagram account and can’t wait to see what magic she’s created!

  • Yay! Can’t wait!

  • Oh my goodness–SO EXCITED! I have several of her designs already in my favorites list. I cannot wait to see this field guide!

    • [star eyes]

  • Oh Yes!

  • Looking forward to it! Thanks.

  • Hurray for selecting a Canadian designer!

  • Looking forward to learning more about Fatima’s designs and seeing what she has put together for a Field Guide.

  • I’m less familiar with Fatimah’s work, but can’t wait to change that – it looks to be a promising dive into new territory!

  • Great choice!

  • Yes, Fatima. Thank you.

  • I didn’t know Fatimah’s work but I just watched her frogging reel on Instagram and she is a knitting comedian. That reel should be a knit to this. The wedding dress story is lol funny because she can now laugh at it herself. I am off to find pictures of that dress!

  • Is it possible to subscribe to just the online version of the field guide? I’m interested but do not want physical books.

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