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Another Vogue Knitting Live (New York) is in the books. It is already a blur. A warm, noisy blur of people and wool, and woolly people. We had a blast. We might have purchased some yarn. We might have brought our Rowan Magazine collections up to date. We might have eaten roast beef sandwiches for lunch two days in a row, under the abstract crystal blob chandeliers of the Marriott Marquis ballroom.

From our totally subjective (but accurate) perspective, this year’s Vogue Knitting Live was even busier than last year’s, by quite a lot, and especially on the Saturday, when it was hard to move through the marketplace floor. It would be interesting to know if others who attended have the same observation. It was bumpin’, that’s for sure. Many familiar faces, and plenty of  new ones. Vogue runs an amazing show, from the marketplace to the classes to the amazing works of fiber art on display for all to enjoy up close.

A big thank you to the bustling yarn shops that graciously hosted us for book signings: The Yarn Cupboard on Saturday, and Knitty City, on Sunday. Thank you to every person who came to see us in the booths, and to readers who greeted us while we were on our mission to see all the yarn and meet all the people we possibly could.

A Walk in the Park Was a Walk in the Park

Sunday morning, at 7:30 sharp, a well-bundled band of hardies mustered at the 72nd Street entrance to Central Park for our Second Annual Walk in the Park.


It takes a lot to get up and out by 7:30 in the morning.

Especially a Sunday morning.

Especially a Sunday morning when a full day of yarn festival lies ahead.

Especially a Sunday morning when a full day of teaching knitting classes lies ahead.

I present:


The few, the proud, the Walkers in the Park, Class of ’17.

Among the luminary knitwear designers who joined us were Laura Nelkin, Mary Jane Mucklestone, Lori Graham, Bristol Ivy, Kirsten Kapur, Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki. We were, altogether, a hard-knitting, hard-working, fast-walking bunch. Extreme cheerfulness overall, with just a frisson of “when exactly is the coffee happening?”


The hard part was showing up. The walk itself was easy.


The sun came out and glowed orange light onto the facades of the buildings on Central Park West. Handknits were identified, admired, and necessary.


We paid our respects to the statue of Balto, then marched over to the cafe in the park by 8:03. Coffee and pastry and 8 perfect strawberries awaited. It was warm enough, after a little while spent indoors in our coats, to stand outside at snow-dusted tables in the sunshine, while large dogs gamboled, off-leash and not bothering anybody. The spirit of Balto smiled upon us.


As we got out of the park, these guys were waiting for one of their buddies to come down in the elevator so that they could go in.

We can’t wait for the next excuse to get together.



  • Looks like so much fun, sorry to have missed this. I was only able to go to VKL on Friday this year. And, you two are looking awesome in your pink pussy hats!

  • Consider my heart warmed!

  • I see my friend Martha Conlon made it to the walk in the park! Looks like a fun time!

  • This looks like SO MUCH FUN!! One day… one day… 🙂

  • Even New York dogs are stylin’!

  • I especially love the group portrait – everyone looks so happy, even Olive!

  • It was lovely to meet you Sunday at the the Knitty City booth! I will carry my tote bag happily; and perhaps it will make it to DC this Saturday.

    (and Kay, I blame you for my purchase of a Tokyo Shawl kit at VKL, though mine is in the medium color way ….)

  • I was in NYC for the week, visiting an ill friend, and was able to sneak out to VKL for a few hours on Saturday. The crowd was intense! I was trying to buy some skeins from a vendor who was about to send me to another person, when I remarked “oh, you are wearing that Versaci scarf!” She then replied “well, I am Versaci.” It was definitely a moment — we both had to laugh. The scarf is next in my queue.

  • That looks like such a fun time–and Olive is the belle of the ball in that fetching red sweater! It’s especially good to hear that VK was hopping. I hope that bodes well for the industry in general.

  • Such fun was had…sadly I wasn’t there even though I’m just a 55 minute Metro North ride and a cab/subway ride away. I don’t consider myself enough of a knitter to brave the VKL event although, if I did, for sure I would like my eyes think I was better than my hands and buy more stuff. I did consider the walk but other family plans intervened…..maybe next year for the walk at least.

  • Yes, I thought the Saturday a.m. marketplace was much busier this year and I have attended for the past five or six years. Good for us knitters!
    Somehow I missed seeing you at the Yarn Cupboard but did see Ann deep in conversation at the Prado de Lana booth (love that yarn).
    You ladies must be made of sterner stuff than I to brave two days of yarny crowds. I felt like I had a hangover on Sunday even though no liquor was involved.
    Did you see the Myak booth? That yarn had a lineny feel that might appeal to you. Only natural colors though.

  • I was present on Saturday in the market place at Vogue Knitting LIVE and it was definitely more crowded than last year. Next year I am booking a room, staying for the weekend to take classes, shop, and hopefully get to meet the awesome designers! Who knows, I may even be up for a walk in the park.

  • Hooray for Laura Nelkin! I went to college with her mother. Also hooray for Ann and Kay in their pussy hats! (I started my seventh this morning.) Sending love from the left coast, with the hope that some day I can join you for a walk in the park.

  • I had every intention of driving down at dawn on Sunday for the walk. But then I woke up and looked out the window the see all the ice on my car and on the parking lot. The pillows sang their siren song to me and I went back to bed. We do have a Saturday afternoon tradition of going to Emmet O’Lunney’s on 50th Street. There have been years when we’ve had a crowd and year’s when it’s been two people. There have been onedrinkandhome years and years that involved way too much chardonnay and two drunk knitters passing a ball of quiviut around the car on the 1 train so everyone could see how soft it was (it was not surprising how our fellow subway riders got into it–people were actually taking their gloves off to get ready for their turn.) Maybe next year, I’ll get it a little more organized and post the details in the lounge. Emmet is a super guy and he loves knitters and I’m sure he would be happy to have us. The food is good, the drinks are cold, the service is great and, particularly for Times Square, the price is right.

    Yes it was crowded but the knitting world is so nice that no one seemed to get annoyed. Did anyone else see the guy who was there with a woman who I assumed was his mother. He was at least 6’4″, had a cap and a big beard and was wearing a red flannel shirt printed with bears and moose? She was old and was bent over a walker. He followed her around and cleared a path for her whenever she needed it. They were leaving when we were heading out to lunch and, when we passed them, I commented to him that I thought he was a helluva guy. She was very hunched but picked her head up and announced that “yes indeed he is”. I was floored because she had the youngest smile and, clearly, the youngest spirit in the marketplace. Other than meeting you two, it was the sweetest moment of the day.

    On the way back from lunch, we took the elevator and when we stopped at the fifth floor, a guy said he wondered what was going on. My friend Pat told him it was knitters. He was shocked. When we got to six he asked if it was more knitters. We told him yes and left him on the elevator with his mouth open.

    My total lack of filter became apparent when I got stuck in a crowd next to Franklin Habit and said “Oh my God, I love you!”. I also told Kaffe Fassett that I love him and stopped to tell Norah Gaughan how fabulous her new book is. I didn’t have to tell her how much I love her because I’ve already been that crazy fan girl a few times with her. I really need to learn how to open with something like “Hello, how are you?” instead of a declaration of undying devotion.

    My friend Pat found the a-number-one item for sale and quickly scooped it up. A full set of Hamilton stitch markers! The only one the vendor had. She had to pull it out of her bag to sell it to her.

    • OMG I so relate to that! Poor Kaffe Fassett was in the elevator and of course I recognized him and blurted out something stupid that I hope not to remember. He acted as if he didn’t hear me and I don’t blame him. I always go to these things telling myself to remember just because I “see” someone on a regular basis doesn’t mean they “see” me, LOL!
      But man, I had fun:)!!! sorry to have missed the Park and your presence at the marketplace. Hoping to be there next year.

  • What fun!! Hoping I can join you next year. Maybe for the coffee part…..
    Love those pushy hats! And Olive’s seater looks fabulous!

  • A star-studded group, indeed! Looks like great fun!

    A special shoutout to the two (?!) p*ssyhat wearers. Those of us marching appreciate you SO much!

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