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Dear fiber friends,

Reentry after a full weekend of fall fiber festivizing is always rugged. Where is my three o’clock cider doughnut? Why is nobody in my apartment wearing an amazing sweater that I’ve always wanted to see in real life—let alone a mother-and-daughter matching skirt set?

At Friday’s Wool & Folk event in Catskill, Ann and I loved meeting everybody who stopped by our tented table to say hi, to squeeze a skein of Atlas, or to meet one of the Field Guide designers who came to greet their fans. Thank you to every person who spent time with us—your laughter, good humor, and love of knitting are so vital and appreciated that words fail, really. You’re what it’s all about for us.

Wool & Folk was not great for everyone, by any measure. As one of the sponsors of the event, we’re crushed that it went so poorly. The pouring rain was a major and unavoidable factor, for sure. But there were other challenges for attendees and vendors that made for an awful day for many—things that the organizers could have and should have foreseen and addressed in the preparation, planning, and running of the event. Because of these problems, it was not the joyful, inspiring gathering of last year. It’s not right.

There’s a way to help the vendors who were affected, at least financially. We join with many others in the knitting community in inviting you to visit these makers, check out their beautiful wares across so many of the categories of Things That Make Knitting and Crocheting Fun, and make a purchase.

Scroll down for links to all the Wool & Folk vendors—and please let us know if someone is missing so we can add them.

Shopping is far from a complete solution, but it is an opportunity to help folks repair some of the damage, and keep moving forward. Following, subscribing, and sharing these makers are other ways of showing solidarity. We are a resilient community, and a good-hearted one. Let’s help each other get to the next gathering of fiber lovers.

Now: get clicking! And spread the love by sharing the list.



Wool & Folk Vendors

American Made Alpaca 


Amy’s Trinket Shop


Bar a Tricot 

Beautiful Syster

Birdie Parker Designs

Bloom Woolen Yarns

Blue: The Tatter Textile Library

Boondoggle Farm

Botanical Yarn

Bur Oak Studio

Caer Luna Farm

Camellia Fiber Co.

Camp Stitchwood 

Cesium Yarn

Circle of Stitches

Clinton Hill Cashmere Company

Coates & Co.

Cottontail Farm

Created 4 U By Laura

Crista Jaeckel

Desert Panda Fiber Arts

Designs by Yasmen

Distelfink Fiber

Dragon Hoard Yarns

Dye Mad Yarns

ellipsem jewelry

Explorer Knits + Fibers

Fangirl Fibers

Fiber Macgyver

Flora Adora Fibers

Frog It! Yarns 

Golden Earth

Herd Supply Co.

Home Row Handcraft

Hopemade Yarn Co.

Hu Made

Hudson + West Co.

Hudson Valley Fiber Arts Martha Belardo

Indigo Lane Jewelry

J’Adore Fibers

Jennifer Hoertz Millinery

jul Designs

Julie Lamb New York

Keira Wiggins

KraeO Handmade

The Lamb & Kid

Lavender Lune Yarn Company

Les Garcons

Lili Loops



Magpie Fibers

Marianated Yarns

McMullin Fiber Co.

Megs & Co.

Mindful Folk Farm

Newburgh Yarn Co.

One Geek To Craft Them All

Pacific Knit Co.


Pip Daddy Pottery


Queen City Yarn

Robert Vintage Home

Robin’s Promise Yarn Co.

Rowan Tree Travel and Fibercraft

Rue du Paradis

Scottish Yarn Festival

Seven Sisters Arts

Sewrella Yarns

Shiny Wear Co.

Silly Goose Yarns

Simply Vintage

Sinful Yarn

Solulu Handmade

Supernova Dye Works

Teal Torch Knits

Terrapin Fiberworks

This Is Knit

Tina’s Toasty Toes

Upstudio Brooklyn

Walcot Yarns

The Wandering Flock

WereWool Vermont

Wool Dreamers

Woolens & Nosh

Yarnaceous Fibers

Yarn Cafe Creations

316 Dye Studio

7th Floor Yarn


  • Such a lovely and generous gesture. For those of us far away, great exposure to some new to us vendors.
    Going to click and collect right now.

  • Thank you for this list. I will certainly enjoy their websites and do some Christmas shopping along the way. Knitters, unite!!

  • This is such a nice gesture and for someone who wasn’t there, it’s great to be able to check out the vendors. Thank you!

    • Is Wool & Folk a separate event from Rhinebeck? I’ve never been to either and am confused. I’d like to plan to go next year.

      • Yes! Rhinebeck is the NY town where the New York Sheep & Wool show is held, at the Dutchess Co. Fairgrounds on the Sat & Sunday (10/21 & 22 for 2023).

        Wool & Folk was a seperate event, one of a couple that have developed around the main event in Rhinebeck. This year it was held, on 10/19&20, in the village of Catskill at an event space called Forefround. Hope that helps!

      • Yes. Two unrelated events.

      • Go to Rhinebeck. It is a proven festival. From what I understand, the other festival really failed their vendors.

      • Pure class to do this for the vendors.

      • Yes, W&F is separate from the Sheep & Wool festival which takes place at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.

  • Thank you, Kay and Ann. I was hoping you would comment. It was an unexpected and challenging event, to say the least.
    Sharon Miller, Flora Adora Fibers

  • Is Wool & Folk a separate event from Rhinebeck? I’ve never been to either and am confused. I’d like to plan to go next year.

    • Diane, they are separate events. Rhinebeck/NYS Sheep & Wool Festival is the main event at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. There are also a bunch of side festivals happening around the same time, and Wool & Folk is one of those. I didn’t get to W&F – it was really close to where I live, but the tickets were crazy expensive, and given what happened I’m glad I wasn’t there – but Rhinebeck was a fantastic experience.

      MDK, thank you for addressing this. I was really sad to hear about the awful experiences had by so many, and I’m glad there is a list that makes it easy to support the vendors.

      • FYI – Wool and Folk occurs on the Friday before the Sheep/Wool Festival so you get to attend both. Yes, it was a really tough day. Last year’s W/F was excellent so I’m hoping it will happen again.

        • It will not

      • Thanks Kate. I went and looked at some of the video summaries of the weekend. All of these satellite events plus the actual NYS Rhinebeck event! I had no idea.

  • Thank you for sharing information on all of the vendors. I plan to check them all out, especially those that I am unfamiliar with!

  • Which of these will ship overseas?

    • I am pretty sure I saw at least one UK vendor (sorry I don’t recall their name). I would suggest looking around and if you see something you like, email the vendor and ask.

      I did not attend but have seen all the posts and was heartbroken that they traveled 6000 miles to have such a terrible experience in the U.S. As always, MDK is stepping up, much love and respect.

      • The Scottish Yarn Festival has yarn on their site and will ship worldwide. They were the ones who traveled in especially for the event.

        • This is Knit is from Dublin, Ireland. I haven’t seen any posts by them about the event but I have been to their lovely shop in Dublin on many occasions. Hope it didn’t put them off the US altogether ..

          There were also a number of Canadian vendors listed. A lot of people traveled a distance to come and it sounds as if the vendors were treated very badly indeed.

      • Botanical Yarn is UK based. Sophie is lovely and the yarn is amazing. I had the most beautiful advent calendar last Christmas. I am a very satisfied customer ☺️

    • Hi there – a lot of them do! You’ll likely find a “Shipping” or “Policies” page (or something similar) on *most* of these sites (or at the very least, a Contact link) if you’ll click through on the ones you’re interested in. No two sites are organized the same way, so it might require a little hunting and pecking…but you’ll see a lot of fantastic stuff while you’re looking!

  • I’m headed to Portland, ME this weekend and already had Port Fiber on the itinerary. My shopping list will get longer because of your post. Thanks for doing this.

    • As one of the remaining vendors who’s stayed silent, I’d rethink that. It speaks volumes.

      I admit that I’m disappointed in this response. It’s days late and it’s tepid at best. You have an opportunity put out a strongly worded statement about the impact of this event on the vendors and attendees and your part in encouraging attendance, as well as accountability for the organizer. This sounds like it was all a big mistake when it appears to be negligence at best, fraud at worst.

      • Thank you for this and kudos.
        I was also disappointed by this response, tepid is the perfect adjective.
        I have read and listened to the accounts of many vendors, I was appalled by what unfolded during the mentioned event.

      • Yep — this wasn’t a mistake.

  • A shout out for m.a.b.l.e, the quilted bags are awesome!

  • Just ordered from Terrapin Fiberworks. Thanks for the connection. You are awesome for doing this.

  • Sorry the event wasn’t what was expected. Unfortunately, the entrance fee kept myself and my knitting group from attending. Consider lowering the cost next year. Thank you.

    • MDK did not set the price, merely sponsored. I’ve seen other sponsors share how they felt let down.

      From what I gather, so many bridges were burned that there won’t be a next year for Woolandfolk.

  • Would someone please share what “happened” , for those of us not in the loop? Were younger vendors left out? Vendors of color? Was it simply that there is an entry fee? I don’t want to gossip, but would like to know why my support would be helpful. I ask in a constructive, respectful way. Thank you.

    • If you Google “Wool and Folk 23 Reviews,” you will find a selection of videos from vendors, sponsors, and makers that will give you a “you are there” feeling. Likewise, a search on Instagram will also yield lots of information.

    • The general reports across the board are that the organizer of the event was completely unprepared, did not make the effort to create a space that would be accessible to disabled participants, and did not provide the vendors (or attendees) with the things they had paid for — like electricity for their booths. I wasn’t there so I don’t have a firsthand perspective, but the reports that I’ve seen from vendors and attendees have been pretty consistent. It honestly sounds like it was awful — too bad, too, since it sounds like it’s been really fun in the past.

    • I am wondering the same thing

  • Since, from what I have read, these vendors paid a substantial fee to Wool & Folk, will they get any of that money back? Think there should be some financial compensation responsibility on the part of Wool and Folk at least to the vendors.

  • Thanks for doing this! Just noting that you have a spacing issue between these two vendors:

    Artfil. Bar a Tricot.

  • Hello, and thanks for doing this. However, the Yarn Cafe Creations link isn’t working. Just thought you should know, I’m a big fan of hers. And of MDK!

    • Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Thank you for this , I am pip daddy pottery and appreciate this. Writing is not my thing , so I appreciate when someone supports my business in writing and beyond. Best to all the vendor I left there . Till we met again at another event

    • When I click your link I get sent to insta. How can we buy some of your cool stuff?

  • Kay and Ann, this is kind of you to provide wonderful exposure to those shops and dyers who attendees couldn’t physically access during Wool and Folk. I didn’t go this year, but sure feel for those who did. Sounds like it was a perfect storm of a mess. Good for you to try to bring a silver lining to the experience.

  • Leave it to the wonderful and gracious fiber community to hold hands and then reach out to take care of one another.
    From comments I’ve seen elsewhere, this very unfortunate event has already started a trickle down effect. Vendors would have take proceeds from the weekend and then traveled to other events and now will be unable financially to afford to do so. I’ll spend the day looking at the vendor links (posted like so many other sponsors/vendors have done) so anyone who knows these vendors jump in and endorse them for us who are unfamiliar.
    I didn’t attend W&F but have seen some of the comments on other sites. Large event planning is hard – you try to anticipate all that can be needed, what the attendees expect and then the back up plan for the unexpected. On a good day there can be many misses – not enough portelets, food trucks canceling, weather, and so much more. Throw in a few wild cards and things can go south real fast. Many times organizers are using their personal resources to make deposits, etc. and will take huge unexpected losses, so in this case, as always, kindness matters and this is a kind community. Go forth and shop.

    • I can vouch that Madelinetosh is wonderful. She used to have a brick and mortar store a few blocks from my previous home, and it was a treat every time I stepped into the shop. You will not be disappointed in her yarns. I’ve not used the website, but more than one yarn shop in the greater North Texas area carries her yarns, and I buy a skein every chance I get. I suspect that the customer service on her website will be as spectacular as her stock.

  • This right here is one of the things I truly love about MDK. Looking out for all and sharing the love. Will peruse more (after work!). <3

  • Thank you all for this and the work that went into compiling this list and all the company websites. As a fellow vendor at W&F, it is heartwarming to see the community step up together. I wanted to add that I have been going through and “following” and “liking” these vendors pages and posts as well. It is an easy way to support small businesses. Thank you again!

  • I’m sure we all appreciate this. Thanks for the kindness and generosity. Off to shop!

  • This a large and generous commitment on MDK’s part to make these contacts available to everyone. Thank you for your generous .

  • Thanks for putting this together! I just picked up some beautiful earrings from Birdie Parker.

    • If each of us here who make a purchase would report on something we’ve selected and from whom, it might help some begin to shop. It’s kind of like free advertising which I’m sure these businesses could use now. MDK, way to emphasize the positive instead of jumping on the drama-mobile.

      • I’m just catching up with all this. Thanks MDK for providing this list.
        Mary Lou, good idea to report and encourage: I just ordered a lovely leaf peeping cowl kit from Frog It Yarns and a sweater kit from Flora Adora yarns, both new vendors for me. The sweater pattern was in my favorites for a while, so that was a great find! Wish I could do more- where would we be without our vendors?

  • Is this a list of vendors “affected” or a complete list of all the vendors at the show? Asking for a friend…

    • We don’t know how the show went for individual vendors, this is the full vendor list as far as we know.

  • I’m so glad to read this post, I was wondering when you would comment. I didn’t get to go to W&F before but it had such good reviews in the past that I and my housemates secured early bird tickets. What a total disappointment and a mess. Even though we bought items, we hightailed it out of there early. Thanks for the vendor list, its being well distributed on social media also so hopefully some compensation will come their way. But the organizers should also really step up with a financial compensation plan, I hope they will.

  • I did not attend but was more than appalled to read reports of the preventable fiasco. It seems to me that restitution to vendors and attendees is certainly warranted. It would be enlightening to learn the reason the original organizers split.

  • Some of these had good financial results. I’d like a list of the vendors assigned to those floiding, outside tents that were dismal…who traveled far and are not well known…struggling to get established and who took a big risk.

    • We aren’t privy to any vendor’s financial results so we shared the full list.

  • I believe Lola Bean Yarn was also a vendor?

    Thank you for this list!

    • They were Sponsors but not vendors. They made a YouTube filled with details.

    • Watch her review on YouTube. She was a sponsor, but not an organizer. Trust me: She doesn’t hold back. After watching her review, you’ll know all you need to know about the level of disastrocity at this year’s event.

  • I’d love to see Lola Bean Yarn added onto this list as they were at W&F also.

    • LolaBean was a sponsor (like us) but not a vendor at the show, although their beautiful yarns were being sold there by Magpie Fibers.

  • thank you so much for supporting the other vendors and validating their terrible experiences at Wool & Folk.

    Hopefully the organizers will be able to rebuild trust with the vendor and visitor communities that they are able to support a positive experience for all, regardless of the autumnal weather.

  • As one of the vendors (Tina’s Toasty Toes), heartfelt thanks for this.

  • This event sounds completely traumatizing to the vendors (and their staff) and attendees. The hubris and arrogance by the event “organizers” is astonishing. They need to make this right.

  • I read your posting about problems at Wool and Folk, it made me very sad. I placed a small order with Camelia Fibre Co. and intend to download list of other vendors for future purchases. Hope this helps in a small way.


  • This might be a good time to remind readers how to save an article. Christmas is coming!!

  • Such a great way to support our favorite vendors and to be introduced to new ones, for those of us unable to attend this year!

    Christmas shopping here I come!

  • I’m in, started from the bottom of the list with 7th Floor Yarn (oooh a skein called Espresso!) 316 Dye Studio (aaah a skein called Hearts Beat Loud!). Keep clicking and collecting!

  • Even though I wasn’t able to go due to distance and cost, I am upset on behalf of all those who experienced it. I ordered 4 skeins of fingering from Frog It Yarns winter collection for a shawl. I visited their mobile shop at the Gettysburg apple festival a couple years ago and enjoyed the experience. I am saving this article to refer back to for future purchases. Thank you for sharing this list. I’ll enjoy finding new shops to support.

  • Maybe the vendors should get their booth fees refunded by the irresponsible person who who is purported to be the organizer. I feel sorry for the attendees who shelled out a ridiculous entry fee for a horrendous experience. As a person with mobility issues, this sounds like a lawsuit to me. While I am sorry that the vendors were put in the hole, I do not think that sponsors, who should know better, are asking the public to make up for the poor planning of the so-called organizer.
    I did place an order to Botanical Yarns because I was appalled at the treatment they were subjected to after traveling all the way from the UK for this event, but by no means feel that this reimburses them for their angst.

    • I watched their post-weekend video, and the mother and daughter team was sweet and cheery despite the fact that other podcasters seemed particularly incensed at how badly Botanical was treated.

      And speaking of other podcasters: Wow! There were a lot of very angry participants, some of whom complained that the event was not just inconvenient and unpleasant, but potentially dangerous. There were also reports that overcrowding caused products to be inadvertently brushed off shelves and into the mud. None of the podcasters have a “hope it’s better next year” attitude. On the contrary, it’s more like a “never again” thing. How terribly upsetting!

  • How wonderfully kind of you to provide this service for your ‘competition’.
    No wonder we all keep coming back! ☺️

  • Thanks for doing this. Just at the moment I’m still pretty tapped out from the weekend as a whole. W&F was the 1 outside event our group opted to give a miss (even as I advocated for it) and I am just devastated for the many vendors who I know this was their very First Rhinebeck event. I will definitely be supporting as my funds allow for it.

  • I’m glad to see that you’ve added your voices to those speaking out about the organizational disarray there — and amplifying the message to support the vendors.

    It seems there should also be compensation to the vendors from the organizers for neither receiving what their contracts specified nor the basic support/infrastructure you’d expect from a fair of this type.

  • I LOVE that you did this! Such a great community of makers.

  • Please add The Ross Farm to the list. They feature sheep breeds from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (Great Britain) and The Livestock Conservancy (USA).

    • Luckily for them, Ross Farm wasn’t a vendor at Wool & Folk to the best of my knowledge – they were vending at the vastly more organized NY State Sheep And Wool Festival (“Rhinebeck” proper). I personally am an ENORMOUS fan of theirs (Hi, Amy!), though, and encourage everyone to shop with them!

  • Hope things are better for all!

  • Wasn’t MDK planning an event with the same organizer? If so, what is going to happen with that? Sounds there are enough questionable actions that additional thought should be given to whether partnering with them after such a poorly run event that caused actual financial harm to many small businesses.

    • No. We were not and are not planning an event with the same organizer.

      This is the way rumors and misinformation get started and spread. There are so many ways to get in touch with us with questions. We are the most available people on the face of the internet.

      • My apologies for spreading misinformation and thank you for clarifying. I’m very sorry you tried to support the event through sponsorship and are having to deal with this

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        My apologies for spreading misinformation and thank you for clarifying. I’m very sorry you tried to support the event through sponsorship and are having to deal with this
  • A lovely gesture to help those vendors. I have been reading the stories and seeing the tears. Thank you for sharing.

  • Or, corporate greed run amok? I mean, this industry doesn’t seem to want anything other than rampant, uncontrolled growth, and independent producers are getting genuinely sucked into the vortex of more, more more. Because, how is it possible that so many vendors who have been noticably vocal in their desire for change, for their opposition to this style predatory tactics of festivals, vloggers, ‘yarn stars’ or whatever… continue to show up for them?

    If vendors who got flooded or squeezed out due to the venue change, if they don’t get their money back, it’s fraud. But also vendors and the organizer should have insurance just for these situations. So then to tell ordinary knitters, and people with limited budget for yarn, to cover the losses, seems like more fraud, honestly.

    We like producers, and we generally support everyone to our best ability and budget. But at some point this industry is going to have to check itself, and hopefully shrink to a sustainable level. It’s not sustainable right now, and W&F 2023 seems to have exemplified that.

  • Thank you for the list of yarn vendors…

  • Today at the Frederick fiber festival in Maryland there were about 10 of these vendors and many of us made a point of going to them to purchase something no matter how small!
    I was at W & F and it was ghastly

  • Shopped & subscribed to many. Thank you for compiling this list MDK!

  • I just got back from Frederick MD Fiber Festival and supported several of these vendors. Honestly, they looked shell shocked, but were so helpful and pleasant. Knitters support knitters. They were so appreciative of the support.

  • This is the worst thing that can happen to the knitting community. The people that ran this should be sued and spend some time in jail. How can people be so rude when people are coming and spending good money. There has got to be some repercussion for this.

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