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Dear Ann,

Well, this is pleasant. My second Shakerag Top is hurtling down the road to Finished Object even faster than I remember the first one going.

This is Rowan’s Summerlite 4ply, shade Navy INK. I’m a good 2/3 of the way to separating for the armholes. Whee!

Split Hem Recap

I constructed my split hem modification exactly as I planned to, and here’s how it came out.

The pattern is Amy Christoffers’s Shakerag Top, from MDK Field Guide No. 6: Transparency.

Nice, right? [self back-pat] Find the recipe for this modification to the Shakerag Top hem here.

The one thing I’d do differently is I’d stop for 2 minutes to google up a proper centered double decrease at the top of the split, and do that instead of whatever I did here to decrease away those 2 extra stitches for the slipped-stitch edge. My version doesn’t bear close inspection. I don’t expect my hemline to be getting much inspection—but hope springs eternal!





  • I like the double decrease that is used in the Jaywalker sock; sl 2 as to K, k1, sl the 2 slip the 2 slst over the 1 knit st. ( I think that ‘s right). Cheers and I love your colors

    • Thank you to Grumperina for Jaywalker sock, (my personal go-to fave sock for self-striping yarns).

    • To correct my typo; sl 2 as to k, k1, sl 2 sl sts over the knit. There we go

      • Staci’s (Very Pink’s) CDD is the same sequence of stitches

  • Simply elegant.

    It would look good with a pair of The Act of Sewing pants in linen.

  • I’m glad you posted again, partly because it’s just pretty, and also because it’s nice to see knitting progress (mine isn’t… I suppose because I haven’t touched it?) and also because sometimes I have to see a thing a few times for it to tickle the right part of my brain. I’m HavingAnIdea. I have a bunch of mostly Habu mini skeins of linen-y cotton-y things. What if I did a Shakerag in one strand cotton, and added in the other bits alternately at the double-stranded bits…
    At this very moment of the all-garden and spring fever of the final stretch of home school, god only knows if that idea will GO anywhere, but I’m seriously enjoying the daydream.
    You’re gonna look great in your inky indigo fabulousness.

    • I love your idea! Please post your progress in the Lounge…

  • I’m a big fan of the CDD. Wherever there is a sl1,k2tog, psso, which creates a left leaning decrease, I sub with the sl2, k1, p2sso which achieves the same effect of decreasing two stitches but perfectly neat and centered. I’m not really OCD or anything, I just like the look of it so much better.

  • I so love your split hem. I am looking at this as a next project but haven’t found just the right yarn. I have one all cotton knit top that is just to wieghty – like wearing a weighted blanket – but the cotton/linen or cotton/silk blends I have found are bigger than 4-ply weight.

  • I love this, especially with the split hem. One question….do you cut the yarn at each change from double to single knitting or do you bring it up the side, as I would do if knitting flat? Thanks for your great ideas.

  • I’m thinking of using a cotton-linen blend (60 cotton/40 linen) that is more lace weight than fingering. Do you think that would work?

  • Inspired! I bought the same color Rowan Summerlite for my Shakerag some months ago. Time to get cracking on!

  • But wouldn’t you need 3 stitches for that centered double decrease? There’s no center stitch above your extra stitches, and the symmetry obsessive in me would be troubled by the asymmetry…

    It looks lovely and elegant!

  • Hi Kay, I’m working on a Carol Feller design named Laminarus. Clue 1 included a center double decrease: sl 2 sts together kwise, k1 psso. I hope that helps you!

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