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Dear Kay,
One of the many hazards of 15-minute blogging is that you can get hung up on stuff like DOCUMENTING EVERY GODDANG STITCH of the thing you’re knitting. HUGE letting go of that. Here’s the Thorn wrap by Bristol Ivy. I hasten to point out that there are some stitches not visible in this photograph. I’m knitting like a fiend on this thing, but it’s on size 4 needles, so it’s slow to amount to much.
It’s a ton of fun, in a hypnotic, watch-out-for-those-increases way. Moving the center marker every other row is the thrilling equivalent of making sure you pay the cable bill on time. DON’T FORGET or your life is screwed.
Here are some Thursday Time Wasters for you. This is the stuff that is on my mind right now:
Number 1: Maria Bamford. We are in awe of Maria Bamford. We worry about her, and hope she is doing OK. So so so brutally funny. Here you go: worthy of your attention.
Number 2: Beck. I have had a thing for Beck for a very long time. I recall driving to the beach one year when the children were toddling, and we listened to “Where It’s At” so many times that the three year old was chanting “two turntables and a microphone” like a pro. Here you go, a little “Where It’s At” to go with your latte.
The thing on my mind this morning is Beck’s new album, which isn’t an album at all; it’s a batch of sheet music, designed to look like it was made in 1923. The idea is that you have to PLAY IT YOURSELF. There is no Beck performance of any of it.
Exactly like your average downloadable knitting pattern, you know? It’s just an idea until you lay your own mitts on it.
Time’s UP!


  • Yep, these daily 15 min posts are great. Just what we need mid-winter!
    Gotta go get that Beck sheet music. It might not be knitting but I have to see if there’s any “Soy un Perdedor” type lyrics.

  • Is it for guitar? Piano? Please excuse my ignorance but the musical talent skipped a generation! However, I know some kids who might want to play this stuff (is it acceptable to call a 29 yr old man “kid”?) Anyway, something I CAN do is knit ~ love your Thorn!

  • I am LOVING these lightning rounds.

  • Heard the cut from the new Bowie? I listened to it once yesterday and it is still playing in my head.

  • LOVE your lightning round posts! Just goes to show you’re both Funny AND Fast.

  • LOVING the sheet music!

  • Ann,
    I want to see that shawl on ALL the chairs in your house before you’re done.
    Thanks muchly,

  • I thought that said “penises” for a second.
    So. Yeah.
    But the knitting is nice, too.

  • This time-crunch blogging thing is pretty fun. Thanks for a quick peek at your knitting today, Ann!

  • I’m liking this 15 minute thang. XOX

  • LOVE the lightening rounds – it’s like a break of sunshine in a gray gray day. Thanks for the vitamin D!

  • Really like the swift posts.

  • Does this 15 minute blogging mean 15 minutes “after a fashion”? I mean, I myself cannot type that much in less than–oh–40-60 minutes….
    I am intrigued by the shape of your Thorn Wrap. How will it be worn? (Like who’s shaped like a giant Kandy Korn, or fan, etc.?) I know it will be awesome and can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • I’m so thrilled you guys are back!

  • Enjoying the time wasters.
    But I do like hanging on every stitch and finding out how it worked.
    I guess I want the best of both worlds.

  • When my husband and I first lived together, I was in charge of the clock radio. When the alarm went off one morning, there was Beck crooning about a “termite choking on a splinter” or something like that (it’s Beck: it’s kinda hard to tell). My husband, whose tastes ran more toward country and classic rock, was completely baffled. I still crack up everytime I hear that song because it reminds me of his reaction that morning (and the resulting mockery of my musical tastes that I had to endure from him for a long time afterward).
    Thorn is looking good, Ann!

  • I sat next to Beck in a local restaurant before a show, and he asked me if the chicken pot pie was any good. I told him not to order it, because while it is tasty, the gravy is molten lava, and it might burn his tongue.

  • If you’ve not watched The Maria Bamford Show all the way through on YouTube — please do so immediately. It’s hilarious and dark, and makes wonderful knitting “tv.”

  • I love Beck! Now I have Beck in my head.

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