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Dear friends,

This is going to be good. The Great Botanica Knitalong begins . . . now!

We’re all making Dee Hardwicke projects together. Colorwork is the sort of knitting that makes us feel a) creative, b) clever, and c) happy. And these projects are all pretty much sunbeams of joy, so we hope you’ll join us.

What’s the Plan?

There are six glorious projects in Field Guide No. 25: Botanica—ranging from a quick cowl to a throw for the ages. Choose your project to match your mood.

Treeline Cowl. Mood: Easy peasy.

Climbing Vine Mitts. Mood: really craving a thumb-oriented project right now.

Flora Arm Warmers. Mood: I’m not all that into thumb-oriented projects but I do love a warm wrist area.

Blossom Stripe Shawl. Mood: I haven’t knit stripes in ages. I love stripes!

Autumn Garden Stole. Mood: I am sophisticated person who is lacking a sophisticated wrap.

Cottage Throw. Mood: No project is too ambitious if I crave the result enough. I crave! I crave!

Which one tempts you most? Go for it!

The Yarns?

Order up one of our exclusive MDK Atlas yarn bundles—we’ve created six bundles, some with multiple color options. You can shop them all in our lovely lookbook. Or use yarn of your own choosing—all yarns are welcome for our knitalongs, as always.

Prizes? Of Course!

What’s a knitalong without prizes? The fun here is that we’ll be randomly awarding $50 MDK gift cards, six in all, one for each of the six projects in Field Guide No. 25: Botanica.

We reward starting, not finishing! So all you need to do to be eligible is to post a photo of your Botanica project on Instagram with the hashtag #MDKbotanicaKAL, or in the MDK Lounge. We’ll be watching and celebrating your colorful projects right there with you.


These are projects to savor, so let’s knit them until December 11, when we’ll choose random winners for the six projects. The finish line is whenever you finish—we’re not fussy about that.

Come Hang Out in the Lounge

We have a new conversation for you started in our online forum, the Lounge. Just visit this “Great Botanica Knitalong” and dive in. This is where knitters get help, provide help, share in the joys and challenges of knitting, and generally have a good time.

Get Inspired with Dee!

Our Zoom conversation with Dee last week really lit a fire in us. Be sure to watch the video (right here!), where Dee shares her sources of inspiration, thoughts about color, and how she comes up with such extraordinary work.

We’re so proud of this Field Guide, and over the moon that we’re all going to be living in Dee Hardwicke’s world this season. What’s your project going to be? We can’t wait to see.


Ann and Kay


  • I was unable to attend the Zoom on Friday. But watched it yesterday and was bursting with ambition all day! I am starting with the Climbing Vine Mitts in because I have never done a ” thumb ” before! I am really looking forward to following the forum. With this field guide, it isn’t a question of which ones I am going to knit. It’s a question of which order!! I look forward to learning from the wisdom and questions of my fellow MDK friends!

  • I have my kit for the Blossom Stripe Shawl and my yarn is wound and ready to go. I am now waiting for needles that should be here this week. There are some needle sizes that I am always needing multiples of. Can’t wait to get going!!♥️

  • The autumn garden stole! Just yum!

  • Is it possible to knit more than one Treeline cowl from one kit if you swap colors around?

  • Am I reading correctly that the watercolor set is $200?

    • Hi, Jen! The complete kit is $199. This customized-combo-for-MDK comes with a dozen pans of color handmade with top quality ingresients by the geniuses at Case for Making and are the best handmade pigment we’ve ever run across. They’re worth every penny! Plus, they last a long time; the pigments are so rich that a little goes a long way. You can read more about why they’re so good right here. Also included is a terrific Khadi watercolor sketchbook and a water brush and pencil. Let us know if you have any other questions about the set!

      • Thanks for that info, I’ll take a look!

  • Do you think I could use Mohonk (I have a few extra skeins lying around) in lieu of Atlas?

  • All beautiful projects. I just know and do simpler projects and admire all the great projets the experts do and show to mine enjoyment and pleasure and sometimes wishful thinking. Go ahead start your projects any of the six will be delightful to my eyes and admiration!

  • You had me at Botanicals

  • Going to start with the cowl… couldn’t access website for KAL, though

  • Love the hand warmers, both with and without thumbs!

  • Luv the inspiration that u girls give ❤️ xxx

  • Dee’s Autumn Garden Stole has stolen my heart. On top of that, my mind’s all abuzz – what 3 colors will I pick for the Winter version, then the Spring, and, yes, a light-yarn Summer one? And, might Dee’s wonderful color choices for the Blossom Striped Shawl be mixed & matched as wide complementary panels the length of the stole? What a canvas!

  • I keep trying to join the botanical KAL but it won’t let me (link blank)
    Working on tree line cowl

  • Gah I am so torn, I have so many projects on the go including from the last field guide! But these also look so lovely…

  • Hi I am Australian and like the look of Log book 25 but would like more cottage colours. Also , as I am new how to I buy the pattern and the yarn please. Thank you.

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