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Dear everybody,

Happy Small Business Saturday, a day early! We love the idea of Small Business Saturday: to be the change we want to see in the world, by directing our holiday shopping toward small businesses.

MDK is a small business, through and through. We have eight talented, energetic, and well put-together employees in Nashville, connected to a network of the best and brightest contributors and suppliers—who are small enterprises themselves—all over the world.

We like being small, and we love what we do—thinking up fun things for knitters, every day. Your support makes it possible for us to keep doing it.

So, we’re kicking Black Friday to the curb, and officially declaring today to be the Day Before Small Business Saturday, the start of a small business weekend if you will.

And we’ve got a super fun offer that we hope will motivate you to bring your holiday shopping list to our beloved small business, the MDK Shop.

The Offer

From now through next Monday, while supplies last, every order of $250 or more will receive:

—Free shipping in the United States. Our shipping costs have gone up, but yours is on the house.

—Our magnificent new limited-edition knitter hat.

When we saw that a certain haute couture house was selling a swanky interpretation of the classic ball cap, we were inspired to create one for knitters.

On the front, a forthright declaration of our favorite hobby. Suitable for day or evening, and especially for bopping around, looking cute and running errands.

On the back: party! We love a good display font.

Note on colors: Because of the limited supply, we cannot guarantee choice of color. If you have a preference, put it in the notes field on your order and we will comply if we still have your preferred color. But really and truly: both colors are great.

Retail value: $50. (Although big fashion houses are charging $575 for theirs, and Knitter beats any label!)

We are truly grateful for your support of MDK, and look forward to sending Knitter hats out in the world.


Ann and Kay

PS Here’s our amazing Holiday Shop Lookbook—where there’s something for everyone on your list.

Reminder: MDK Field Guide Subscribers get 10 percent off all full-price merchandise, including the Holiday Shop. Check your subscriber email for the code we sent at the beginning of the month!


  • Gah! I have spent well over that since the Holiday shop opened. Now there is a cool hat? Sigh.

    • Just sell the hat!

    • This bothers us too! We so appreciate folks who started their shopping early. The whole Black Friday thing is frankly a big challenge for a small business like ours. Please bear with us as we figure out how to make the hats available in other ways. For now we hope it’s a promo that’s a little more fun than the average.

    • Sighing with you. I wear a ball cap almost every day. Would love to have my beloved MDK on my head. Loyal Early birds missed out on this one.

      • Early birds are the best! We will definitely work on how to make the hats available for folks who’ve already been kind enough to shop with us.

        • Thank you so much for listening to us. MDK has always had such sigh worthy gear in addition to the best written content. Appreciate you.

  • I’d like to buy the hat. Would you sell just the hat?


    • Agree

    • Me too! I want to buy That Hat!!

  • Is there any advantage for Canadian would be MDK lovers and shoppers?

    • Will the hats be available at the open house?

    • The hats will go to qualifying Canadian orders too!

      • Shippng dept speaking up here: Canadian customs-wise, it’s technically not possible to include a “free gift” in a box of paid merch, so you may run into a very nominal customs charge if you have an order with a cap in it! We have to declare a value on it on the customs form.

  • Hope you’ll consider selling that hat as a regular item at some point, it’s great looking!

  • Just throwing this out there while you are doing your gift shopping – the sewing kit is absolutely fantastic in real life. I gave one to my non-sewing but traveling daughter for a birthday present. All the tools she needed are included and I can’t say enough about the quality. The scissors, the container of needles and pins and the thread are all top notch. She is a minimalist on many levels and so my task has been to upgrade necessities. This fit the bill.

  • I want the hat! I want to gift the hat! Please bring on the hat!

  • oh my gosh – this hat!!!!!! perfection.

  • Love you with all the inspiration and helpful information!

  • I guess the early bird doesn’t always get the worm!

  • I would happily buy this hat on its own. Please make it available!

  • As others have said, I would be happy to buy the hat. I live in Canada, so it would be an investment, but worth it!

  • Would love this cap
    How can we buy this ?
    I’m a Canadian and have purchased your instructional book,love your website

  • Will you be selling just the hat at some point?

  • As a loyal MDK knitter and a patriotic Canadian, I would love to have one of these amazing baseball hats. I could have it sent to my loving sister-in-law in Brookline, MA, and she could bring it the next time they come to visit. Please make something happen for all your loyal supporters who live north of the 49th parallel.
    Thank you,
    Ruth Ellen Greenwood ❤️❤️

  • Just sell the hat!

  • I would like to have a hat please.

  • Hellօ just wanteɗ to give you a quіck heads up. The woгds іn your article seem to be running off the screen in Chrome.
    I’m not sure if this is ɑ foгmatting issսe or somethіng to do with internet browseг compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The layout lօok great though! Hope you get the problem solved
    soon. Thanks

  • Please offer the hats for sale in the future, and it would be particularly helpful if they included a light in the brim. I have a plain one with the light and find it so helpful for knitting while on a camping trip or anywhere there is dim light. Just a thought . . .

  • Another option is also possible

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