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Dear everybody,

Oh, what a life-altering experience it was, the day I tried stranded colorwork. It was halting, imperfect, and slow. And irresistible.

It quickly became my favorite kind of knitting, so of course—enthusiast that I am—I want to enthusiastically encourage you to try it too.

We’ve set up a virtual class that will get you started—and it’ll be good for anyone wanting to refine their colorwork skills.

So. We turned to the teacher who taught us so beautifully at MDK Summer Camp, Lorilee Beltman.

Lorilee Explains It All for Us

One of the knitting world’s most beloved and sought-after teachers, Lorilee has cooked up a brand-new virtual class for both newcomers and old hands at color.

What: Stranded Colorwork

Date: Friday, October 13

Time: Noon–3:00 PM Eastern

Where: Zoom

This workshop will be rich in tips and tricks, and suitable for both newcomers and old hands.

The project? The Treeline Cowl. We’ve cooked up a beautiful kit that comes to you ahead of the class. Register here!

Register here by October 2 to ensure your kit arrives in time for the virtual workshop!

It’s a Whole New World

Our new Field Guide No. 25: Botanica includes several designs that make a swell introduction to stranded colorwork.

Dee’s colorwork relies on simple motifs and artful color combinations. It is the best sort of fun, and Dee’s designs are a perfect place to begin your colorwork journey.

Flora Arm Warmers. We’ve made a bundle of the four colors of our smooshy Atlas yarn for this, right here. Or cook up your own four-color palette from our full range of 22 colors.

Climbing Vine Mitts. Dee’s simple motifs are the game here—they’re easily memorized and allow you to play with color.

We’ve made three Atlas yarn bundles for this design. See them all here.

Treeline Cowl. This design is the star of our virtual class, and it’s also available separately, as a bundle of four Atlas colors. Exclusively at MDK, the Atlas yarn bundle is right here!

It just makes me happy, seeing Dee Hardwicke’s designs. Knitting them is going to be such a pleasure this fall, so I hope you’ll jump in, try something new, and experience that triumphant moment when it all clicks and—all of a sudden—you’re a colorwork knitter. Registration is here, and we’ll send your kit out right away.




  • Good Morning! I am wanting to register for the workshop but worried that there may be ‘interruptions’ by my puppy that may take me away from the screen. Is there a possibility that a taped version would be available or such? Yesterday’s Zoom was terrific! Thank you.

    • Hi. Gale. A recording of the Zoom workshop will be available a few days after the workshop itself to everyone who registered and bought the Treeline Cowl Virtual Workshop bundle .

  • This book excites me as much as your Kaffe Fasset books did. And it’s rare that every design in it is one I would consider knitting.

    OK, maybe Jojis book excited me as much too. )
    And, I pat myself on my back for identifying your yarn at first glance when you first presented this book. I said, ‘that’s Atlas!’
    She did good with her color choices. A very pleasing book of designs.

  • I will be out of the country during the Zoom class. How long will the recording be available for viewing?

    • 3 weeks.

      • Thank you. That’s perfect!

  • I see the word “All” in dark blue on red in the Treeline Cowl. Love the turquoise in the design too.

    • That’s such a cool observation!

  • Is there any chance that I could sign up for this class but switch out the colors for the cowl? (My dream would be black, whisper, pear and seagrass!)

    • I too would prefer Lynn’s color scheme. Any flexibility there?

  • I signed up for the workshop and recall seeing some instructions for getting to a point in the cowl prior to the class but cannot for the life of me find that info to refer to.

    • Hi, Stacy – just go to the listing for the workshop and scroll down to Inquiring Minds Want to Know and you’ll see what to do. Thanks!

  • Wishing I could view virtual class for stranded knitting. My grandson’s wedding is that day so needless to say that wins.

    Will you offer a video of class later?

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