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Dear Kay,

On a busy Friday, we all need to stop, drop, and look at wallpapers.

Since 1946, Farrow & Ball has created paint that somehow seems more special than other paint. Why? They explain it all for you.

They’re into wallpaper too, and I have to say, it’s gorgeous stuff. Here they explain how they use methods that are traditional and time consuming.

I don’t want to glom their lovely images without asking, so here’s a link I promise will lower your blood pressure:

Beautiful wallpapers from Farrow and Ball.

Favorites of mine:




And here are two little wallpaper movies.

A Sample Sale for Knitters Who Get It

Friend of MDK Nell Ziroli is making available some of her beautiful handknit samples, and you be nuts not to stock up on handknits that you didn’t have to knit. Take a look, such fun. They’re all her own designs, which means that the patterns are available as well—if you’re one of those stubborn overachiever types who just can’t help making all your holiday gifts. Sheesh.



(That’s Snowcap up top, a juicy little hat.)



  • Ann, you are the efficient one, giving us our Friday tasks already! At first, I thought I really overslept.

    Planning wallpaper for MDK world headquarters? They are lovely.

  • I thought the same thing!

  • Ann, today is Thursday. The fumes from the wallpaper paste are making you hallucinate.

    • This post is still up with no new post for Friday. Maybe no new post today. 🙁

      • Maybe Kay is getting an early start on the NYC yarn crawl. 🙂

  • I used to design for a wallpaper firm in MA. Thomas Strahan produced charming, old New England prints, upstairs in their ancient building. The machines dated back almost 200 years. BUT,….I love seeing these modern printing techniques and timeless designs. So contemporary and smart looking. And not a lost art.

  • My main interest in wallpaper was when, circa 37 years ago, a long time family friend told me that she purchased a large roll of beautiful wallpaper at a white elephant sale. She paid $5.00. It served to be just enough to wrap all of her Christmas gifts, including the ones she bought for her husband’s business associates.

    That captured my imagination, elegant wrapping for holiday gift giving with only a $5.00 investment!

  • I love Uppark! It would be perfect for my bathroom! Also – glad y’all fixed whatever was wrong earlier. I needed a Kay and Ann fix earlier in the day, and the blog wouldn’t let me in. :-0

    • It was the longest our site’s been down in 13 years! So painful!

      • Painful, and so confusing

  • F&B wallpaper is nice, but Detroit Wallpaper is where it’s at. Granted, I’m biased- my cousin is one of the owners, but their papers are amazing. Check them out: detroitdecor on Instagram and

  • Making wallpaper on friday , look cool for me , will do it 😛

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