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Dear Readers,

Christmas Eve and the first night of Hanukkah are nigh. The Winter Solstice is just past; Kwanzaa is just ahead.

In the spirit of the season, we share our 2016 holiday playlist. Thanks to everyone who suggested songs—it’s a rich vein to mine.

You can find our MDK Christmas 2016 playlist here if the Spotify player is wonky.

If you like, you can mash it up with our 2015 playlist. There is enough music here to weave in the ends on all your gift knitting, string the lights on a 7-foot tree and write J O Y in spray-on snow on your picture window. Or sit in a chair, eating Chex mix, feeling sad that Merle Haggard did not make it to this December.

We love having you here with us. We’re grateful for the warm response you’ve given to our pride and joy, this website. In these last days of the year, we wish you togetherness, peace, calm, and warm, flattering light.

With love from (clockwise, starting in the upper right corner)

Liz, Kermit, Olive, Elliott, Daisy, Ann and Kay


  • What a playlist!!!! I love you ladies. You make my mornings bright. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

  • Wonderful wonderful!!! Thanks so much. The new website has really helped me connect with the MDK readers. xo

  • You brighten my days in unimaginable ways – I’m forever grateful for the both of you! Wishing you continued success, a very merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah! May the new year ahead be kind and gentle to you and those you love!

  • Thanks for the playlist–I’m at work with just one other person all day today. Great way to keep myself in the holiday mood. 🙂

  • Sending all the best to both of you, at the holidays and for the new year. Visiting your wonderful website is a bright spot in my day. It never fails to make me smile, teach me something or charm me in some way – thank you!

  • Aww, Elliott’s halo! Merry and Happy to the whole MDK crew. You’ve given us the best gift of the year!

  • Thanks for the playlists and all of the great new things here at MDK! Enjoy your holidays.

  • Nearly spit all over my computer screen upon seeing that image. So good. Happy holidays, ya’ll!

    • Kurt, This means a lot coming from you. I hope you noticed that we are wearing our red Orbit socks. So seasonal!

  • All my love to you both with thanks for the many ways you cheer us all. Merry merry happy, happy and peace to you and your families.

  • The Halo.
    And thank you for that great playlist, and for creating a most excellent community. Peace, Love + Joy

  • Perfect! Just what I was looking for to enhance my last minute knitting marathon. Thank you!

  • Teared up touching Elliott on the screen. Thank you for making this lovely world I enjoy visiting so much. Peace to all. XOX

  • I read MDK every morning and that’s a great way to start the day! I love the new design with snippets,nuggets bloggers and you two! Happy Holidays

    • Love autocorrect. That’s guest bloggers, not nuggets bloggers!

  • One last cowl to finish, and I’m done (until after Christmas, anyway)!
    Thanks for adding so much to the past year.

  • Peace on earth! Take time to have A merry time for yourselves !

  • Merry Christmas, ladies! Thank you for all the wonderfulness that is Modern Daily Knitting.

  • Wishing you both the best in 2017. The new web site is a special touchstone for me each day, thanks for stretching your wings and sharing your findings with us all! You remain an inspiration to many.

  • Excellent playlist! This will get me through my last hours of work.

  • I tried to get you a suggestion – but the comment section kept crashing on me, so I let it go. But you might want to consider Peter, Paul & Mary doing “Light One Candle.” A personal favorite and so inspiring this time of year.

    • Oh gosh, I love that one, Linda. So full of nostalgia for when my kids were little and we listened to PPM nonstop.

  • Happy and Merry to you and your families. Thanks so much for your new website. It’s a bright spot in my day and I’m finally going to read (or listen to) Moby Dick all the way through like Mr. Hoffman assigned in tenth grade. Think I’ll get those detention hours back?

  • Merry everything!

  • Great playlist, kept me going all day – thanks! Merle isn’t the only person I’m misssing, though. Sharon Jones was made of equal parts music & joy. She surely is shimmying her way through this holiday season wherever she is, only sorry that I’m missing it.

    • Oh, dear, if Sharon Jones had a Christmas song I’m very sorry that we didn’t include it. Love her so much, her singing and her story and all that joie de vivre she brought to every performance.

      • Kay, honey, Sharon Jones is right in there, number 16! We wouldn’t leave her out!

  • Happy Everything to All of You!

  • Thanks for the playlist, wow a lot of great songs

  • Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a very, very satisfying New Year 2017! Thank you for all the nice things you’ve given me/us over the years gone by.

  • Merry Christmas and merry the other 23 holidays at thus time of year Thanks for all your ideas i have made countless modylar blankets this year and 39 hats and 40 pairs if mitten. Now thanks for the music i will rest my hands abd have a cup of cocoa

  • Thanks for the playlist. My husband and I listened while making lefse here on the farm in Iowa. Wishing you and your readers the happiest of holidays!

  • Happiest of holidays to both of you! I’ve had a marathon 48 hours of travel, double Christmas celebrations, a baptism, and church (twice!). I look forward to a boring day tomorrow, when I can listen to the playlist and do a little knitting. Thanks again for being a bright spot in my day!

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