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Dear Kay,

A grand time had by all. Up top in a gallery to click through: A fraction of the fun had at Rhinebeck: a drive across the Hudson into heaven, sheep, skeins, Rifton, knitters rocking it, a Monteagle Bag becomes a hat, Jill Draper’s wingding, and, at the Marriott: The Sofa Of The Future, Here TodayTM.

What if we, like, got together every October like this?




  • Did I misunderstand something ? Aren’t there supposed to be pix?

    • I loved meeting you both and sharing laughs. And I appreciate the comfort and ease of transition from bag to hat that the Monteagle can provide! See you on the inter-webs until next year!

    • They are across the top and there is an arrow to move through them on the right hand photo.

  • Love the sofa! I’m on sheep / wool overload 🙂 Got home from Rhinebeck just 3 hours ago.

  • another year another rhinebeck another time i did not get to go… its always one of the saddest weekends..

    • Me too, SG.

  • Oh! You little devil! You surprised me with my picture!

    • That’s our girl! Thanks to Cindy and her Conversational Threads bus trip.

  • Thank you, thank you, for the pictures. Someday I’ll get to go too. So where’s the rest of them? Surely you took more?

    • We edited out all the ones with our chins in them. It was a lot. The chin filter was not operating properly.

  • But what about the big flower sweater? 🙂

    • About that…… #Rhinebeck2017

      • Thank goodness that the pressure is off!

  • Good idea

  • Stopovers! I see Stopovers!

    • Me too!

      • The Stopovers made me want to Stopover all over again.

  • I’m so jealous! I’m going to have to fine a show in the midwest.

    • If this is the MinnesotaE that I know and love, I’ll have to join you Sis!

  • What fun! Love the Crete cardigan, but then I AM biased lol.

  • Love the travel attire.

  • Is that Steven West in that picture ? I’m so jelly!

    • Indeed it is–I’m sorry the SwantsCamTM didn’t properly capture a 6’4″ human enswathed in fingering weight swantsdom from head to toe. It was epic, needless to say.

  • Sorry that I missed you I got over to the book signing but you had left. Let’s plan on next year! In the meantime I enjoy your blog everyday!!!

  • Kay and Ann, it was so delightful to meet you this weekend! I cannot wait for the goodies to land in my shop ☺️

  • Jealous!

  • I would love to see a How To guide to Rhinebeck. I’ve never been and don’t know the first thing about finding lodging, finding roommates for a house, where to eat, etc. The only “advice” I’ve consistently heard is wear comfortable shoes. Duh. For an out of stater, I’m going to need a bit more than that. And I’d love to hear the MDK perspective on it. Thanks!

  • Kay, there’s always next year for the BIG flower… Is that an Alabama Chanin skirt you’re wearing? It looks fabulous!

    Ann, wish I could have been there – looks like you had a wonderful time!

  • Ann and Kay it was so lovely to meet you in person! I meant it when I said that you are both very inspiring to me. And I LOVE the Field Guide. Now I just need a beach house… Maybe when I finally do quit my job.

    • Thank you, Jody! Here’s to a bunch of knitting together in the days to come. x0

  • Really fun to hang with you, Lisa!

  • It was so nice to meet both of you on Sunday! Thanks for the bag.

  • Ooooooo I see Heather in a very special “hat”! It was absolutely a delight to meet you both.

  • I wish I had been at Rhinebeck this year! I went last year and it was one of the best adventures of my life. Seriously.
    But do tell. What is the pattern for the shawl I see in the photograph above? I want to make it!

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