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Dear Ann,

I have not quite made it home from my travels in France, but today is the day. Laden with handmade textiles, I’m boarding one train and two planes, and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed at the end of a long day. Upon my return, I will have much to tell you.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of a garden in Avignon:


And here is a photo of woad-dyed items hanging on the line. Some of them –quite a few of them–are mine. Woad: it’s a revelation.


See you soon!




  • It’s been fun to follow along with you on Instagram. Good luck with reentry into the real world! xo Tammy

    • Real world? Avignon is a very lovely place on this earth, I would say!

    • Ditto. Did you get to dye the napkins?

  • I can’t wait to hear about your trip, but your post has started an ear worm from my beginning French days…

    • Yes.

    • You aren’t the only one!

      • Me too.. sûr le Pont d’Avignon…

  • Ahhhhh. I really know how to holiday vicariously!
    Safe journey home, Kay 🙂

  • Have a safe journey home! It has been such fun following your instagram.

  • Ahh! The Rhone River valley! So beautiful! We were there last August and fell in love.

  • Woad dyeing in France! That’s the real deal. That would be so fun. I have a woad patch in my garden and brew up a vat or two every summer. Woad/pastel in France has such an amazing history. Those shades of blue.

    • How do you do that, grow woad safely, I mean?
      And I welcome your return and vicariously enjoying France rough your experience

  • That looked like so much fun! I am dreaming of taking a workshop at Chateau Dumas with my sisters! It’s not that far from where one of them is moving in Spain (in four days!).

  • Whoa , woad! Watch out indigo. Love it.

  • Love the woad. I may need to make a woad pot. what a glorious color. and that garden is to die for. (dye for?)
    Can’t wait to see more.

  • I trust (and am hoping) you will tell us all about Avignon when you return home safely to NYC!

  • Remember to stop somewhere on the way and get some treats for Olive. This will make her so HAPPEEEE her food lady is home! (Also, wash your face — it will be slurped!) Otherwise, her reaction might be “Why does she keep saying woad? I smell SQUIRRELS!”

  • Two things.
    First, insanely jealous. That looks like it was so much fun!
    Second, what are the silvery sandals with the ties on instagram?

  • Did you dance sûr le pont?

  • That we live in a world with indigo AND woad! WHAT IS LIFE.

  • Is woad the new indigo? I haven’t even jumped on the indigo dyeing train and now you’re off to another dye pot. I can hardly keep up, but I trust you’ll explain everything when you’re back in town. Safe travels!

  • Just discovered the joys of woad dyeing from Denise today. A lovely accompaniment to
    indigo and shibori with Jane Callendar.

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