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Dear Kay,

We haven’t done much pattern scouting of late—it’s been so busy. Today that changes: welcome to a quick peek at some choice designs from our resident Pattern Scout, Cristina Shiffman. The yarn today? Tynd by Woolfolk.

I could get into technical details like fiber length and micron count, but mostly, please know that Tynd is beautiful, delicious, rare. A knitter’s dream yarn. We have all 27 colors in the Shop.

Kristin Ford, the founder of Woolfolk, has made it her business to create exquisite yarns that come from sheep who are raised with care and attention both to the sheep and the land on which they live.

Tynd is Ultimate Merino®, a fiber grown from merino sheep at the southernmost tip of South America. Ultimate Merino® doesn’t happen by chance, but by the innovative efforts of farmers to produce the very best wool fiber while being land stewards of the Patagonian grasslands.

These designs that call for Tynd? Such lovely shapes and textures here, and clever construction. Here we go!

BANE by Emily Greene

So good, these bands of stripes that meander across this pullover.



KETCHER by the Woolfolk Design Team

Imagine a cloud you can wear. This is such a buttery, pared-down, perfect shawl—it’s knitted cuff to cuff, in the round, for a shape that looks sort of like a sweater. Very clever illusion! It allows Tynd to shine.



Ropedance by Melanie Berg

Melanie is a master of the perfect shawl. This is the sort of design that is pure, beautiful knitting. Two skeins each of three colors means there’s a bit of colorwork to keep you thinking, along with stretches of our very favorite, garter stitch.


Spectra Sweater by Cecelia Campochiaro

We’re fascinated when knitters make a Field Guide design in an alternate yarn. Here, Kathy in the MDK Lounge used Tynd for her Spectra rather than the Isager Tvinni called for in the pattern. Absolutely lush. And the Tynd palette is pretty much built for beautiful marling combinations. This is just so lovely. I know it feels amazing.

photo by Kathy

One of my favorite procrastination activities right now is to wander over to our selection of Tynd, a yarn we started carrying in October. It’s a soothing, subtle palette, really different from some of our wilder yarns we carry. At the moment, it suits my mood, where I’m happy to consider 20 shades of lovely neutrals and dialed-back color. And, especially, to groove on the softness of this yarn.

It really is special.



P.S. The USPS tells us that December 15 is the cutoff date for delivery before December 24. Order today!


  • I used the recommended Tywnd yarn to knit Melanie Berg’s Ropedance shawl a few years ago. Loved working with (and wearing) the yarn and always receive compliments on the shawl. People feel compelled to touch it. I think she’s a wonderful designer and provides great instructions.

    • Beautiful presentation. Very compelling. I’m not in the market for new patterns, but now I’m trying to decide which one! I did recently purchase your field guide on marling at an LYS and think that the Spectra Sweater could be really nice to wear…now to decide which colors of Tynd to play with! Good thing it’s Christmas. I need to have a tête-à-tête with Santa this morning….

  • I love the Respondent shawl and the colors shown. What are those 3 colors and which field guide is the pattern in?

    Thank you!

    • It doesn’t appear to be in a Field Guide. The pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry.

      • Thanks, Charlene! Yes, the pattern names are links to the patterns.

  • I love the Respondent shawl. What are the 3 colors they used and what field guide is the pattern in. Thank you so very much!

    • Hi Becky! This is a pattern available individually on Ravelry, not a Field Guide design. The pattern name is a link to the pattern page.

  • Oh my, yes please! Tynd is soooo dreamy soft!! Loved every minute of Swarf knitting with it.

  • It seems that Ketcher is not a pullover, but a scarf or wrap…. What an innovative idea:)

    • Oh wow thanks for pointing this out! It looked to me like a sweater tied around the shoulders! Totally had me fooled. I’ll fix the copy.

      • I wondered why the photos did not show a model wearing this item. Much to my surprise, it’s a shawl! Clever!!

  • I dream of knitting with Tynd. I also dream of winning some in an MDK giveaway. Please!

  • Emily Greene’s Bane pullover is AMAZING. She has elevated the design aspect of knitting with this graphic, cannot take your eye off it sweater. Thanks for sharing it because I probably wouldn’t have found it on my own.

  • Just bowled over by the trompe l’oeil of Ketcher.

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