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Do you fancy a soupçon of inspiration for Hélène Magnússon’s delightful Einband Love Story yarn?

This laceweight Icelandic wool yarn is remarkably versatile, so whether you fancy a light lace shawl, a layering summer top, or a teeny tiny ornament, we have suggestions for you. (Pattern names are links to the patterns.)

Melrós by Gudrun Hannele

This adorable little shawl was designed specifically for Einband Love Story, by Gudrun Hannele, a yarn shop owner from Reykjavik, Iceland.

Gudrun’s design uses one 25g skein of four colors, allowing plenty of scope for color exploration. I think grays and pinks would be a beautiful alternative to the green and blue of the original design.

It would be a great design for a new lace knitter as the motif is simple, and there’s plenty of time to get used to the fine yarn before you reach the patterned section.

Kullane by Meeli Vent

If you fancy a bit more of a lace knitting challenge, then Estonian designer Meeli Vent’s show-stopping Kullane shawl could be just what you’re looking for.

Featuring traditional Estonian motifs and lots of textural nupps (the small bobble-like stitches that are proof that an item is hand-knitted), this shawl is cast on at the bottom edge and worked towards the top.

I always enjoy this construction as the rows get shorter as you go, making it feel like the item is flying off your needles. The shawl requires four or five 25g skeins of Einband Love Story depending on whether you make the medium or large size.

Swimming Pool by Kieran Foley

I can almost hear the kids splashing around in a summer outdoor pool, looking at the rippled stitch pattern that Kieran Foley has used in this beautiful scarf, designed specifically for Einband Love Story. Three 25g skeins of yarn are needed to make this pretty, skewed-rectangular design.

Forêt by Eri Shimizu

Very fine yarns like Einband Love Story can be used to make light-as-a-feather garments that are ideal for warmer weather. Eri Shimizu’s delightful Forêt sweater uses some nifty tricks to elevate the design.

The sleeves feature a box pleat to gather the fabric at the cuff, while the increases at the top of the sleeve create a ruffled effect. The top is worked from the neck down and offers options for customizing the hem, cuffs, and neck. Forêt requires four to seven  25g skeins of Love Story Einband, depending on size.

Adrift by Carol Feller

With waterfall fronts that can either hang loose, or be worn attached across the body, Adrift is a versatile layering garment for cool evenings. Carol Feller’s design is worked from the top down, and has options for cap or three-quarter length sleeves.

The cardigan requires four to ten 25g skeins of Einband Love Story depending on size and sleeve options, and a wardrobe could take a couple of color options I would think!

1:12th Scale Snowflake Sweaters by Frances Powell

And finally, something completely different! Frances Powell has designed these teeny, tiny sweaters at one-inch (1:12th) scale for doll’s houses, but I think that they would make equally stunning tree ornaments or even a garland for festive decoration.

Although it might not feel like the season for making such things, tiny projects are actually perfect for warmer weather as they are light on the needles! The pattern requires 1.00mm or 0.80mm needles and one 25g skein of yarn in each of three colors, which would make four or five sweaters depending on color placement.

About The Author

We think Jen Arnall-Culliford is flat-out brilliant. Jen is one of the knitting world’s superb technical editors and teachers, and the star of the tutorial videos.

Cheerful. Cool headed. Supersmart. To take lessons from Jen ups our knitting game, every time.


  • I agree, Jen’s voice is so melodic, it takes any stress or anxiety felt out of the equation in the tutorials which are so beautifully crafted. Her pattern selections and tutorials are just what I needed when learning to knit (better) from her wonderful books. Thanks MDK and Jen (+ Jim and Kat) for the commitment to learning and paying people a fair wage for a fair days work.

  • Really, such stunning suggestions. Especially Swimming Pool. Chloe

  • Foret is beautiful and looks like it hits the sweet spot for me – you need to be paying attention when things happen but not frustrating. Those ornament sweaters are adorable. I have some teensy hangers from Susan Anderson that would be perfect for them.

  • What elegant designs. I can see Foret worn casually or dressed up. Happy to see Love Story on its own in garments. Love these.

  • Lovely, Jenn. As always, you have wonderful ideas. So good to hear from you.

  • Jen! Those ornament sweaters for my Einband leftovers! Genius. Thank you. The pullover is calling for some stash enhancement too … maybe … probably.

  • Fabulous yarns with inspirational ideas.

  • Thank You Jen ! and MDK

  • What a gorgeous selection! Thank you.

  • Wow, I especially love the Foret sweater and the teeny sweaters. Thanks, Jen, for the inspiration. So glad to see your letters here… your books and tutorials have helped me learn so much and improve my knitting skills while making beautiful items.

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