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Quick little Friday heads up for you: our MDK-exclusive bags from Joji Locatelli’s artisanal leathergoods company are proving to be popular.

These Joji and Co. bags are awfully good. If you’re in the market for either of the bags below, we encourage your early attention to them.

Bag No. 1: The Forever Tote

The Stasher Tote made us all swoon when we saw it. It’s got that scale we knitters love: capacious. It’s no accident that Joji would call this bag the Stasher. Anybody who knits wants decent room, and the Stasher Tote has space for a weekend of clothes and knitting too. Beautiful details throughout: a shoulder strap, a top zipper that hides away when not in use, pockets inside. We have two colors: Tobacco here.

And a joyous yellow that feels like the sunbeam we crave in winter.

The leather is beautifully crafted in the Buenos Aires workshop where Joji and Co. bags are made.

Extremely collectible, eternally sturdy, undeniably beautiful. Will last forever and ever.

Bag No. 2: Adorable Bucket

The Recoleta Bag was a sellout last year in our Holiday Shop, so we’ve made sure to have them again this year.

The combination of suede and smooth leather really appeals to us. The Recoleta Bag is on the smaller side yet still has room for a knitting project.

Five colors to choose from, all lovely and filled with character.

We’re delighted to carry Joji and Co. bags, even if they come and go quickly. I hope you love them as much as we do.


  • I love them!

  • Joji bags with MDK are two of my favorite things joining together!

  • What are the dimensions on the stasher bag, please.

    • Hi, Debbie! It’s roughly 15 x 12 x 5. Might be just a touch short of 15 on the width.

  • Do the bags have a zipper closure at the top?

    • Stasher has a zippered top, yes.
      Recoleta is not zippered at the top but has a zippered inside pocket.

  • Please, what are the dimensions of the Recoleta bag? Thanks

  • Ewwww that buttery yellow bag makes me salivate

  • I would love to see pictures of the inside of the bags and also know what sort of closure the main compartment (and any pockets) has or doesn’t have.

  • I am interested in purchasing one of her Santa Cruz bags
    Would you be getting any of these ?? Thank you

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