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Dear Kay,

This is it. This is the dream sweater that you and I have been talking about for decades: the ultimate cozy companion.

Erika Knight has given us a pullover that has a lot of style and also a lot of comfort built in.

She calls it Old Friend, and it’s just so good.

The construction shows all the hallmarks of Erika Knight’s design skill. There’s nothing to constrict here—the drop shoulder, the funnel neck, the split hem all work to envelop us in a swath of ease.

The pocket is where you stow that seashell, that pebble, that owl feather you came across as you wandered along some shoreline or forest.

I’m having a hard time choosing what color of Atlas yarn to use for this. I put all 22 colors in the gallery at the top, so you can have a moment of reverie and pondering about what color strikes you. I can make a case for pretty much all of them. This Barn Red has a bit of orange to it, which I like, and the yellowy Pear is a favorite around MDK. I don’t know. Soft or vibrant? What kind of Old Friend are you looking for?




  • Mine is in seaglass. Back is done and working on the main section of the front. Quick knit.

    • The barn red was the sample that came with my book 20. It is a lovely color but I would use lapis for a sweater.

  • Citron… joyful and cozy sunshine!

  • For me it’s Peat!

  • Mine will be Merlot. The first one, anyway! The soft squishyness of Atlas will also contribute greatly to its Friendliness!

  • Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine.

    • Does your brain show you Huckleberry Hound when you sing this? Mine sure does!

  • I can’t wait to get this one underway—just can’t decide how many I want to make and in which colors!

  • That broken pencil, that set of earbuds, that stray glove you find as you wander through your house…

    • . . .a tissue, peppermint disc, and a mask that you grabbed when you left the house

  • Ohhh that reddish brown! I wonder about my ability’s….could it be possible????

    • Of course you can!!!! You got this!!

    • I am sure that there will be a thread of encouragement, assistance, and applause in the Lounge!

  • I think mine would be in Mouse … the color of hot chocolate, all warm and cozy.

    • Mallard or Merlot — can’t quite decide yet.

      • It looks so good in both red and yellow, so a primary color seems the way to go… but I just love tutu. And mallard. And seaglass. Sigh. It is fun to have such a no-stakes decision!

  • Peat! Eventually. Too many things on the needles just now.

  • Absolutely LOVE that red in the sweater but in the picture of the skein it looks more orange or brown…which is pretty, too. Just not which is more accurate.

  • Mine will be in Peat and probably a little shorter. I think the full length will bring it to my knees.

  • Leek, for my beautiful red haired daughter.

  • I already have my SQ of Peat! My last 3 sweaters have been orange and orange-red so I squashed my tendency to go for the barn red. So many wonderful colors! Yea Atlas Yarn!

  • I just might have to try this. My sample was pear and honestly, I LOVED it even though I don’t look good in yellow, I might just have to knit up an accessory in it or something. I love Mallard for this though!

    • I find it helps to think of it as green instead of yellow!

      • You know, that’s a really good idea.

    • oh, Lake! since I’m from the Land of 10,000 of ’em!!

      • I love any shade of blue, really. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Love it…. We live in a forest a Mike from the beach in Oregon… perfect!

    • I am in Coos Bay Oregon! This is going to be the perfect “walk along the beach” sweater!!!

  • Barn Red! This is a dream of a sweater!

  • Team Mallard here. That color just draws me in like nothing else.

  • merlot

  • I think I would choose Truffle or Cedar… of maybe some stripes so I could use both!

  • Love the sweater and would like to make it in Atlas but the colour I like isn’t shown on the order page. Despite there being 22 colours, only 18 are shown to order. Should I keep checking back?

  • How can I get the instruction for making the Old friend Pullover

    • I would like to purchase instructions 4 the Old friend pullover.

  • A tip – do your swatch the size you want for the pocket. I wish I had done mine that size. It’s a bit smaller than I like.

    • I love that suggestion! I am still deciding on a color. But my color choices are getting more limited. So many colors already sold out!

  • It is gorgeous and very Erika. A lovely relaxed friend, just like the sweater. I’m thinking a couple with clashing contrast pockets….

  • Just finished this in Shale, love it, will do another in….

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