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Dear everybody,

Thanks for all the knitterly wit ’n’ wisdom you lobbed over last week in the comments on my post wherein I was whanging on about the onerous task of knitting 3.5 sleeves arm socks before leaving for That Glorious Weekend In The Hudson River Valley.

It sent me on a week-long reverie about how I make sleeves arm socks. All sorts of innovation suggested. You all are so clever.

So I’ll send you over to the comments right here. Worth your time if you ever in your life anticipate having to knit an arm sock.

I would do a tidy curation of the tips ’n’ hints, but I’m still not done with the arm socks. Fortunately, this Papa sweater has little flippers instead of long arms.

Arm balloons, really. Junko Okamoto is not your ordinary designer, that’s for sure.

I love this thing so much.



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  • Enjoy wearing your wonderful sweaters with arm socks during That Glorious Weekend!

  • Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! It should be a beautiful Fall weekend here in the Hudson Valley!

  • I’m so glad the Papa trudges on, just in time for my lecture tomorrow night about duplicate stitch (and other post-knitting skills). Congratulations on a fabulous execution.

  • Arm socks.
    Knitted flippers.
    Appendage balloons.

    The list goes on and on.

  • You may have to step waaaay out of your comfort zone because that Papa sweater with its sweet little flipper arm balloons is really crying out for jeans (or your choice of weekend comfy pants) in a pinky-coral shade to match all that painstaking duplicate stitch. Just sayin’.

  • I want to see you wearing this!

  • Absolutely love your Papa, and the detail on the bottom of your arm sock is so good.

  • I can see from the comments that I’m in the minority because I don’t knit sleeves in the round. I became a seamstress long before a knitter, so seaming and setting in sleeves is natural and easy for me. Even if I’m knitting a yoke sweater, I knit the sleeve flat. I do the usual underarm setup and knit a row or two in the round, then break the yarn and knit back and forth until the sleeve is done. No confined areas of knitting and no magic loop (of which I am not fond).
    The only drawback I see is that they can not be easily knitted two at a time.
    Also, if I’m knitting a set-in sleeve, I knit the sleeves first and then fall into a lovely rhythm knitting the body. Sweaters are so much fun, I really have a hard time knitting anything else!
    I appreciate all the tips for dealing with that large body mass of the sweater. I think I like the bag-it method and will try that first.
    Thank you all for the helpful suggestions.

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