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One of the many perks of working with MDK is attending the annual Shakerag Knitting Getaway. This 3-day event might be some of the most fun one could have being on-the-job. Not only is it a beautiful, wonderful, and delicious time; at Shakerag, I have met and made lifelong friends.

During the Covid lockdown when the event was cancelled, Shakeragettes began meeting regularly on Zoom. In a nod to Shakerag Workshops founder Claire Reishman, we often begin with a poem, then we talk about everything—we’ve seen one another through some of life’s highest and lowest points … And of course there is knitting.

Shakerag, but make it a skirt.

After making and loving to wear my Springboard knit skirt last spring, I knew that I wanted another knit skirt. I began to swatch and play.

A discontinued cotton blend + a lace edge that I had been playing with (as a sweater hem) since 2016 = smashing skirt.

That’s me modeling the prototype in the first slide in the gallery above along with WIPs and FOs by fellow Shakeragettes who gamely joined my test knit KAL.

And right here, written for Rowan Creative Linen is the Shakerag Skirt.  

The pattern includes notes to adjust for a range of sizes. The skirt can be made with little, no, or however much ease you want and it’s easy to achieve a custom fit. The line of the skirt can also be adjusted—A-line, or pencil skirt, or somewhere between! The skirt top ends with a self-turning waistband casing for elastic.

Oh, my Shakerag sisters! Thank you all for knitting along while the pattern was developed.

Images by Nell, Kelley, Lucy, Julie, Sarah, and Yvonne (thanks to Yvonne for the #knittedskirtsarethenewsweatpants hashtag!)

About The Author

A passionate perpetual knitter, published designer and enthusiastic teacher, Nell Ziroli continues to be inspired by luminaries and students alike. See all her designs here.

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  • Fabulous! It would take me forever, but this skirt, made much longer, with Joji’s boots, would be wonderful!

    • Thank you Val! I agree that a longer skirt is a great idea.

  • Thank you, Nell! That skirt looks so great it might actually tempt me to start wearing skirts again. Maybe I’ll have to find a twenty-something to make one for (my 72-year-old legs are a bit shy). Ok, I know – tights/leggings. It could happen!

    • You are so welcome Ginny! I love a skirt with leggings, the comfort and the freedom…
      Happy knitting.

      • It never would have occured to me to knit a skirt. Thank you for modeling it– I love it!

    • Come on there. Me too on age but I have two versions of the skirt on needles. Bare legged with sandals for summer and with tights in winter. Any length you want. Why not?

      • Two!?! Thanks my dear.

  • I love this, but I only wear long skirts because I have scars on my lower legs. I am seriously thinking about knitting a skirt after seeing this, though!

    • Why not wear with leg warmers? Coordinate! ?

    • Hooray! And thank you.

  • Golly is this cute!!! Army boots, tights, knit skirt….here I come!

    • Thank you Sharon, happy knitting!

  • If you are on the fence about this one, get off the fence.
    This can be a fairly quick knit and totally suitable for car/plane travel and #netflixandknit. I did it in 14 days knitting most evenings so you can get this done by summer weather. All in all compare it to a long cowl or sweater body as it’s knit in the round. Plus Nell has great instructions.
    Don’t worry about how your legs look as people will be dazzled by this skirt.
    I have “fear of lace” and don’t attempt it often but this one is easy and just a 10 stitch repeat so a great starter lace pattern.
    Looking forward to seeing your skirts on Instagram soon.

    • Thank you my friend. I agree with all of your points and add that you’ll glow and feel amazing with your accomplishment!
      BTW, Lucy knit the Raspberry version at the top of the article. xo

  • Beautiful.

    • Thank you Peggy!

  • This could be beautiful as a bridal skirt.

    My first thought was, “Me? Knit a skirt? No way.” Then I really looked at this pattern. It embodies everything I love about the Shakerag T. Especially the versatility. Long/short, casual/formal, suitable for any season….Once longer with boots was suggested, I was in.

    • Welcome, welcome! And, thank you>

  • This was so much fun to knit! When I saw the skirt, I knew I wanted it but eek! There was lace, it was a large project, would it fit, all the doubts crept in. But for the love of that skirt, Nell and the Shakeragettes, I knit on. And I am so glad that I did. The lace is a simple repeat of 10 stitches and a great entry point project. Nell’s approach to patterns design made it easy to fit. The Rowan Creative linen creates a lovely fabric.

    I have already worn the skirt multiple times (because it is already summer here). It is cute, comfortable, and dressy enough for brunch but oh so so comfortable. I have two more colors (raspberry and stormy due Friday from MDK) to add to my summer wardrobe.

    • Sarah, dear Sarah! Three skirts? That is so much love and joy, (both of which shine in your picture). Thank you. xo

  • Oh. my. This just made me fall off the wagon. 2023 is supposed to be the year I knit from the stash. Too cute, and I want it, and I am going to make it. Willpower? I have none. 4 skeins of Creative Linen, Oasis, are coming my way.

    • Oh, Monique. My hope is that this little stumble may help you look at your stash in a new light – skirt light – Happy knitting, and thank you so much.

      • I haven’t knitted in 50 years. I’m 67 yo now and self taught myself to crochet within the last 20. Would this be difficult to start out with? Is there a video with the pattern or should I start with something more basic? I love this and definitely would make longer. It’s adorable. Like I need another project to add to my creative list. Haha!
        Thanks for your honest opinion(s).

  • Oh Nell, this is so wonderful! Such a perfect pairing of yarn and design—really brilliant!

    • Ann Shayne, thank you on so many levels. xo

  • This is great! She looks so good in this and she is not 18. I’d love to know what shape (a line? Or pencil?) she has on. I want to look like her. Ease? Always have trouble deciding about ease.

    • Thank you Francis. The skirt is an A-line, and you can choose your fit. Mine have been knit with no ease from the hip up. I think that in the Ravelry project notes several knitters have made note of the ease that they chose.

      • I thought that my first reply was lost forever.

    • Francis! These are great questions. There are many, many sizes and you can choose your ease. I chose to knit with no ease from my hip up, and the shape is an A-line. So easy to adjust and to wear…

  • I LOVE seeing how this all came together!! And I wear skirts 95% of the time! So, as my knitting consistency improves, I see this in my future. Thank you for your terrific spirit of positivity in modeling this great skirt!

    • Thank you, Jeni! I adore skirts, too. One thing about them is that stockinette in the round is (usually) the most consistent stitching.

  • Love the skirt. My mind first went, however, to how my 72-y/o legs don’t like to be seen any more. But then somebody said “leggings” and hello. I just downloaded the pattern. It will be a fun new look for this oma.

    • Thank you! It is a lot of fun. A lot!

  • This is a lovely skirt! I bought the pattern and have it in my queue, thanks for this sweet design Nell! And, linen/cotton is a favorite combo of mine.

    • Thank you Beth. It’s a great combination of fibers for so many reasons.
      Happy knitting!

  • That’s so cute! I wear a lot of knit fabric skirts but I’ve never knit one. This looks like the perfect opportunity to change that. Thanks, Nell!

    • Thank you, Michelle. If you look at the blog link you’ll see how I used my very favorite knit fabric skirt as a template for my first knitted skirt for just the right fit.

  • I never imagined myself knitting a skirt, but you are temptress! At least buying the pattern will be a start Perfect match for that yarn!

    • Well, I only just (at 64) embraced the thought of knitting a skirt… you have time.
      And thank you for the support!

  • It’s fabulous to see women of all age wearing this skirt! Showing their knees! And smiling about it. I’m in, gotta order mine too.

    • Thank you Celeste!

  • Looks like I’m jumping right on this bandwagon – just bought the pattern. LOVE this. I’m in the perfect mood for a new project/new pattern/something different. The problem now is deciding on a color….leaning toward Mustard or Foggy or Straw or ALL of them – LOL.

    • Yes to all of those. : )
      Happy knitting and enjoy wearing whichever(s) you choose.

  • I’m SO glad I read to the end & didn’t click on the buy it now the second I saw that pattern! Thank you for the discount. I live in skirts in the summer & I really like this pattern. Now I’ve got to pick a yarn color!

    • Thanks, Samina.
      It’s a good practice to read all the way through… 😉

  • Do you have tips for how to keep it from bagging in the back?

    • What Lucy says is true, but there are also directions for optional short rows at the hem and/or under the waistband.

    • The skirt is knit in the round with no identifiable front, back, side so you can just rotate it as needed. Very similar to the Alabama Chanin swing skirt.

      • How much “memory” does this yarn have? Will it stay bagged out in the back when I stand up after having sat for awhile?

  • I didn’t manage to finish mine yet, but that’s because a certain 5yo birthday girl needed a dress. Thanks to this article, I’m back at it and can’t wait to wear it! With all the great colors of Creative Linen at MDK, I’m already plotting my next skirt…maybe yellow? It is a really great pattern, Nell!

    • Thanks Holly! It’ll be wonderful to have whenever it’s finished.
      I do love that yellow, it’s what I used for my #buckethat.

  • Nell! I love it!!

    • Thank you Susan!

  • I’m making a longer A-line version, taking measurements from a beloved linen skirt I’ve just about worn into oblivion. It’ll be so nice to be able to wear a linen skirt in public again. The pattern is easily adaptable—I cast on a hem width to match the relic and am decreasing to get correct hip and waist measurements at the desired length. The Creative Linen is very accommodating: I’ve steam-blocked it repeatedly to be sure my calculations are correct.

    • Brilliant Barbara! I can’t wait to see it!

  • I am an avid knitter and I love this skirt. Job well done and I will try it out
    God bless

    • Thank you Jacqueline, happy knitting!

  • The skirt is just lovely!
    My late husband was a railroad official/locomotive engineer who dealt with many a tragedy involving people on railroad tracks. The best course is to stay off them, no matter how artistic a setting they offer. The photo spoiled the beauty of the knitting project for me.

  • So cute. I’d like to knit this but, What do you do if your waist is the 3rd size and hips 1st?

    • You can still knit it, working fewer decreases. I (happily) offer assistance…

  • Just bought the pattern! Love a good knitted skirt. Looking forward to casting on.

    • Thank you Claudia! Happy knitting.

  • Cute pattern, and talk about perfect timing! I just got a spot off the waitlist for the knitting retreat and I am thrilled. Gotta make the skirt in time! The skirt will be perfect with the Shakerag top, don’t you agree?

    • Oh, that is exciting Martha. You can do it!
      I hear that there might be a group photo…
      I look forward to seeing you.

  • I love the lace for the bottom of the skirt.

  • I’ve made the Churchmouse pencil skirt twice, in wool and Felted Tweed. You make me want a summer skirt now. Some kinda linen blend…..

  • Oh my! I have exactly enough creative linen in stash to make one of these. Time to start winding my yarns!

  • I NEED THIS! Immediately! 🙂 Skirts are my favorite!

  • Half way through this fun pattern. Can’t wait to wear it! Love the lace bottom and the instructions that ensure a correct size.

  • Ok… I am ready to knit a skirt to add to my collection of skirts that l wear every day. Cast on!

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