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Our longtime friend and collaborator, photographer Gale Zucker, has written a sparkling blog post about this past May’s shearing of the flock of sheep that lives on Nash Island, Maine. On a gloriously bracing spring morning, Gale and a group of knitterly pals boarded lobster boats to accompany shearers to the island. They stood on rocks and ran at the sheep, who live outdoors year round, gathering them into one spot so that the lambs could be counted, and the ewes could be shorn. SUCH FUN.

Nash island shearing

(Photos by Gale Zucker.)

At the end of a long day of passing lambs around and picking plant matter out of fleeces, they headed back to the mainland in boats laden with enormous bags of wool. It’s a grand story, full of sunshine and air. Gale’s photos are terrific, and her words make me almost feel the lanolin on my hands. Go read it.

Thank you, Gale.


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