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It has been a thrilling week here at MDK, watching a bunch of knitters get the hang of brioche.

A whole new world, I tell you—once you get your brioche goggles on, all of a sudden you’re seeing brioche everywhere.

Nancy Marchant has published many, many brioche designs. We’ve tracked down some that are perfect for us newborn brioche knitters, now that we’ve got brk and brp in our knitting repertoire.

(If you missed our Zoom conversation with Nancy a few weeks ago, grab your knitting and settle in for the video recording of that jovial chat, right here.)

Included below are a couple of seemingly fancy designs that are probably easier than they appear—now that we’re, you know, accomplished brioche knitters.

Bramen Cowl

Jen Arnall-Culliford’s brilliant Boost Your Knitting includes this scrumptious cowl by Nancy. The Bramen Cowl uses a tuck stitch, which is basically a variant of the classic brioche stitch.

A simple technique creates a lush result. Really love the squishiness of brioche? This is just as delightful.

Pecan Pie Beret

A free pattern from, this Pecan Pie Beret is worked in stockinette brioche, not ribbed. The effect is a snug, warm hat with tons of room for fooling around with color.

emPower People Brioche Bandana

Very cool, and a quick free pattern. Nancy riffs on the Casapinka design, the emPower People Bandana, which is part of a craftivism project aiming to unite crafters of all mediums to spark conversation, engagement, and action in the political process.

Criss Cross Cowl

How does Nancy get those sqirgly wirglies to happen? The Criss Cross Cowl is nothing but simple brioche increases and decreases. What a result!

Winter Birch

This sculptural piece is what happens when Nancy really gets warmed up. Like all knitting, Winter Birch is just one stitch at a time. And, like all knitting, the result seems like a magic trick. This is a design where Nancy demonstrates her wizardry—we love the book that contains this design, Leafy Brioche. Even if it’ll be a bit before we get to this one, it is fascinating to spend time with the pattern.

Wishing you brioche dreams this weekend, and sure, maybe some brioche French toast while you’re at it!


  • I love them all! Thank you for the encouragement to start to brioche. Nancy Marchant’s designs are truly works of art. I might be old but I’m learning new tricks!

  • As I read this, I can look over and see the yarn I bought for the Pecan Pie Beret that I bought 15 years ago (!) when the pattern was released. I pull it out every once in a while, but never seem to knit it. I think, fundamentally, I really don’t like the finished product anymore. But that Winter Birch scarf…

  • Nancy is brilliant. Just brilliant. She takes knitting to another level….and us with her! Perfect for MDK.

  • The experience of knitting Nancy Marchant’s brioche patterns combines the squishy feel of fiber, whilst seeing the gorgeous color patterns emerge – yielding an experience similar to working a magical puzzle. Simply delightful!!

  • Loving brioche! Collaborating with my college-bound son on colors for a brioche beanie to send him off with!!

  • Love these patterns, but I can’t even think about trying brioche again. I’ve already written a rant in the Lounge (which I can’t really figure out either!), so I’ll spare you. I’ll just say that if there’s anyone out there who still doesn’t get it, despite field guide, zoom, and video stared at many times, you’re not alone!

    • I recently learned brioche under Michele Bernstein (@pdxknitterati). She released a book last year that I test knit for – never having knit brioche before. She has generous sized pictures in her book as well as links to videos that are just amazing. If you are interested, I’d recommend checking her out. She’s an amazing teacher imo.

      • Thanks Melissa!

  • Brioche is so much fun. I made the Bramen Cowl in the Schoppel Wolle Gradient as depicted in the pattern. It was a meditative, rhythmic knit and Jen’s directions are always superb. It was also a perfect fit until I lost it while hiking one day:( Maybe it’s time to knit another?

    • To clarify, Nancy’s directions are easy to follow and Jen’s tutorial support, at ACTechniques, for the pattern is super helpful. Just wanted to make sure the right credit was given where due:)

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