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If there’s ever a behind-the-scenes documentary of the making of the MDK Field Guides—or better yet, a Christopher Guest film—it will reveal the gentle but insistent tussle that occurs shortly before the launch of each little book. Who on the MDK team is going to knit what, and who gets to knit it first?

Ann and I sometimes have our eye on the same project as our diving-in point, and in such cases, it’s the most polite little fakey-nice fight you’ve ever seen.

“No, you go ahead and knit it, Kay!”

“Oh Ann, I know you love it, go ahead, I’ll do it later.”

This can go on for a while, like a pair of cartoon gophers saying “after you!” and “no, after you dear.”

That didn’t happen this time, because the Moss Field Throw is MINE ALL MINE.

Ann wouldn’t dare, because I love a garter stitch blanket like no other knitter loves a garter stitch blanket. I am on record on this. I have paid my garter stitch blanket dues, people!

In the Moss Field Throw, Hélène Magnússon worked her garter stitch magic through the device of marling. By holding a strand of Plotulopi together with a strand of her fine laceweight lambswool, Love Story Einband, and continuously shifting the two colors, she created a throw that evokes the cloudy light and mossed-over lava fields of Iceland with startling realism.

The stylized motifs of circle and witches’ ring are worked using our favorite faux intarsia technique—you simply pick up and drop a third strand of yarn, Plotulopi, according to simple charts, to form the shapes. The background yarns carry on, unbroken, so there are no holes, and no twisting to avoid holes. It’s so clever!

The finishing of the Moss Field Throw is a snap, as there are no borders. The three strips are joined with two seams, using our old friend mattress stitch.

This is going to be Future me, proudly sitting in front of my Moss Field Throw.

My yarn is not here yet, but I’m waiting by the door, tapping my toe. I’m still deciding whether I’ll follow the stripe sequence exactly as written, or improvise the stripes for less chart-peeping and a more TV-friendly project.

For those who are curious, here is a snapshot of the back side, just as pretty—and mossy— as the front:

Who’s with me? Everybody needs a moss field in their life.


  • Darn, this scrolling (aka trolling) at day break… hey, I’m feelin’ fresh!!… What’s one more wip? And I know JUST the gal I shall create this for, my lifelong childhood friend, Janice. If ever a subtle, elegant, throw / blankie could deliver for her home this one is on point.

    Indeed, it’s all about creating something new and wonderful from two skeins that had no idea what charms lay await when combined. Who me? Says plutolopi. Yes you, says miss lacey. It’s the new me – having fun mixing yarns these last couple of years so I’m well aware of the intrique and satisfaction. Right on, Ms. Magnusson.

    Now, stop bickering girls, there’s room enough for all on This Wip Train!

  • What is the finished size?

    • 60 inches square approximately.

  • Gorgeous! I see a shawl in the future… 🙂
    I love the gentle back and forth, are you British?! Lol!

    Hmmm – those seams? Can we make them less noticeable, or conversely, more intentional?
    Is it the edge that is making a ridge?

    • It’s the typical ridge that Mattress Stitch makes. A flat seam option would be whip stitch. An intentional visual seam would be 3 needle bind off. Lots of choices!

  • Absolutely my favorite yet! Love the yarn choices, the subtle shades, the utility, the simplicity.

  • It’s beautiful. Reminds me of the Twister floor game :):). Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  • I’m thinking of one strip as a shawl.

  • Yep! Luckily I had no one to be polite to in getting to the front of the line on this — at least in my household. I resisted for about a second after downloading my field guide. My box of supplies is waiting for me. I just need to cast on. BLISS!

  • It’s so gorgeous that I’m tempted! But, I fear that Moses (the dog) will claim it, as he tries to do with my Temperature Blanket (who’s in charge here?…right). So I’m thinking of one strip to use as a shawl/wrap…..might MDK consider creating a 1/3 Moss Throw Bundle? I have the Field Guide (and am prepping for the March Bang Out) so maybe I can figure out how much I’d need of various colors. But, then I remember Kay saying in yesterday’s Zoom that she does not think one could create their own color pallete for Moss…..

  • I just ordered my yarn for this beautiful blanket. I visited Iceland and remember the look of the land.

  • It’s one strip as a scarf/wrap for me! This is stunning.
    And it screams your name.
    And you better start planning your outfit to sit next to for your FO foto cause it can’t be just anything.

  • LOVE IT!!!

  • Ahhh! Lovely!

  • The more I look at this blanket, the more I question the suggested motif color for square 3. It appears to be white in this photo, but the pattern calls for black as the CC. As mentioned yesterday, just wing it?

    Actually I have started my blanket using my collection of rustic natural wool singles, a cone of fine greenish merino/yak, and an assortment of hairy fine yarns in greens. My blanket will be very much “winged”.

    • Am I the only one who thinks colors an and b are reversed in the key? It looks to me like square a should have a green background instead of a grey background? Thanks

    • That sounds gorgeous and very much in tune with the original.

  • It is beautiful. Enjoyed the Zoom meeting Yesterday. I am just starting one of her cardigan sweater patterns that has been in my favorites for a few years. I did enjoy our visit to Iceland and the blanket would be a remembrance. I did make a shawl that Stephen West made that reminded him of the streets and building. I made the temperature blanket last year and I am now making sweaters for a change of pace but I will put this in my favorites. Thank You.

  • I ordered my yarn for the blanket the day my email arrived. I knew this Moss Field Throw was for me. And it is even better on my lap than the photos can convey (although the photography in the FGs is stunning).
    Thanks Helene and MDK for yet another amazing knit. ❤️❤️❤️

    • The Love Story is so fine that photos can’t entirely capture the effect, I agree! So glad you are loving it, Jan.

  • Reminds me of eclipse pix!

  • This is the knit from the field guide that shouted to me “KNIT THIS” and so I will. I have the yarn, I’m just clearing the decks for action. I am so excited to make this beautiful blanket!

  • Yes I find the throw so appealing, but my project to begin from Moss is the mittens.

    • The mittens will teach you the ways of Plotulopi, so they’re an excellent warmup for the bigger projects!

  • The throw is lovely and if I didn’t have SO MANY planned projects I’d be very tempted. I did order yarn for the March bang out a sweater.

  • A Miss Field Throw throw down! It was bound to happen!

    • That’s Miss, not Miss. but now it’s the Ms.’ Moss Field Throw Throw Down.

  • Love the colors! I might not ever make it to Iceland but I did pick up an oak twig that fell and oh my the lichens!!! Wish I could post a picture!!! Choosing my colors of Texas lichens maybe. So I’m going for a wrap maybe right after the Reindeer Mitts! In doing my gauge swatch I started out in my new skill of Continental but soon went back to my old throwing/flicking self. I’m newish at Continental and really found I split the Plotulopi. And you really have to be gentle with the inner pull from the plate even at a yard at a time. Might have to do a hand wind.

    Any rules about how many WIPs one can have? LOL

    • Yes there is. The rule is if it makes you happy, add it to your WIPs. No guilt, just pleasure. At least that’s my rule. I have several blankets, so I love the idea of making one strip for a shawl. Thanks to those who suggested it.

  • As beautiful as these colors are (and I am in love with what I believe is the lichen (yellowish-greenish?) color I am looking forward to some other beautiful combos on Ravelry. I am thinking it would look ethereal in soft lilac/lavender tones (didn’t check: are those colors available?) or so many others. I’m not a blanket person (the opposite of Kay!) but I know I can withstand the garter-stitch longevity of a beautiful one-panel shawl. Have some family knitting obligations but this is high on my list (and of course can be one of multiple WIPs). Like so many, Kefavlik (?) Airport was my Icelandic stop on my way to mainland Europe back in the 70’s. I remember treelessness and runway gray cement, but alas no moss or lichen. And a welter of woolly yoke sweaters at the Gift Shop, of course:),

    • Still have my Icelandic cardigan from the airport from my flight which took me to my study abroad

  • I decided to take the plunge the other day and buy the kit! I am also completely unable to pass up a garter stitch blanket. But then I had the computer glitch of all time, which even stumped DG. I shall try again, not on my iPhone, and if that doesn’t work my sister will order it for me. Really looking forward to this one. I’m hoping the motifs aren’t too difficult while watching tv.

  • Simply stunning!

  • Gorgeous. When the Field Guide gets here I’m going to figure out how to shrink down the motifs to make a scarf.

  • I’m not a blanket knitter, but I love this. I’m not too interested in a scarf, but thinking it might be possible to do two bands and create a serape type wrap.

  • My kit arrived today! So beautiful

  • For something so seemingly simply, this is startlingly beautiful.

  • This is gorgeous and I am already dreaming about it- how witchy and mysterious!

  • I am not a garter stitch lover, at all… and probably will never be, except when planning an edge when I begridgingly accept it… And blankets will not be on my agendas either However, this mos blanket is just sooo very nice and just waiting to wrap itself around some lucky person!
    A beauty!

  • The moment I saw this I knew it would be the perfect gift for an August wedding, so I ordered the kit and was thrilled with the yarn when it arrived. I think I have figured out the way to read the chart — 120 rows total with 60 stitches across? I may have to make a chart with graph paper for at least the first square. And I will force myself to actually knit a gauge so I don’t run out of yarn at the end.

  • Kay,

    I’m curious if you’ve started Square 1 yet. It appears to me the instructions for Square 1 are producing a background that is much more grey than green. According to the photo, it seems as though green should be the more predominant color instead of grey. Since I would like to knit this to turn out as shown in the photo, I am hoping someone can confirm if the chart is correct as written. I wonder if A and B are reversed in the key.

    Thanks for our help. I’m anxious to start on this beautiful blanket!

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